Where Is Rollins Lake Dam Located?

What river feeds Rollins?

Rollins Dam is located on the Bear River, This river starts at 20 miles west of the crest of the Sierra Nevada in Placer County.

Is Rollins Lake a man made lake?

Another lake close to town is Rollins, with four access stops along Highway 174 between Grass Valley and Colfax. The lake was created in 1964 by the Army Corps of Engineers.

What County is Rollins Lake ca in?

Rollins Lake in Nevada County, California. is a great lake for sailing and water-skiing with many coves and long stretches of open water. campgrounds are available, contact information is below.

Is Rollins Lake public?

Rollins Lake Camping Rollins Lake is located along the Bear River just a couple of miles north of Colfax. The campgrounds are privately operated but open to the public. The lake is popular for water skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, and camping.

How full is Camp Far West Lake?

It is formed by Camp Far West Dam on the Bear River and Rock Creek. Camp Far West Lake drains an area of 286 square miles, and at full capacity, contains 104,500 acre-feet of water.

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Can you swim in Rollins Lake?

Rollins Lake is operated by the Nevada Irrigation District (NID); however, NID does not operate Greenhorn Campground. Campers at Rollins Lake enjoy all kinds of water sports, including swimming, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Jet skis are allowed on the lake. Fishing is good for trout, Kokanee, catfish, and bass.

Is Rollins Lake dog friendly?

The lake has a surface area of 900 acres, with 26 miles of shoreline. Dogs welcome.

Can you have a campfire at Rollins Lake?

Due to the drought, hot weather and dry conditions, campfires will be prohibited in developed campgrounds around Scotts Flat Reservoir and Rollins Reservoir. Under the rules, campfires and open fires fueled by wood or charcoal are prohibited.

What is the elevation of Rollins Lake California?

This lake is at an elevation of 2,100 feet in the Gold Country of the Western Sierra near Grass Valley, California. The lake has a surface area of 900 acres, with 26 miles of shoreline.

Where is Sugar Pine lake?

Sugar Pine Reservoir is located off Foresthill Road northeast of the city of Auburn.

Is lake Oroville open for fishing?

With 17 miles of shoreline and 4,300 surface acres of water, the Thermalito Afterbay is open for boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking, and limited hunting. The surface and shoreline are within the Oroville Wildlife Area, but recreation facilities and boat ramps are managed by DWR. 6

Can you swim in Jenkinson Lake?

The center piece of SPRA is Jenkinson Lake, providing opportunities to swim, fish, water ski or take part in a variety of paddle sports activities and rentals. All Day Use Areas are in close proximity to the lake and have access to picnic tables, restrooms and drinking water.

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Where is Union Valley Reservoir?

Union Valley Reservoir is a reservoir in eastern El Dorado County, California, about 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Placerville. The 277,000 acre-feet (342,000,000 m3) lake is in Eldorado National Forest in the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of 4,870 feet (1,480 m).

Is Scotts Flat Lake open?

Scotts Flat Lake Campground is the premier destination for outdoor fun and activities in the Sierra Foothills.. Open year round, we are conveniently located between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

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