Where Is Lake Perry Located In Perryville Missouri?

How many acres is Lake Perry in Perryville Missouri?

Lake Perry is a crystal clear 200-acre lake with 2 miles of shoreline nestled inside 1,800 acres of hardwood forest.

How big is lake Perry in Missouri?

Lake Perry is a private gated community. The 200-acre lake has nearly two miles of shoreline. Lake Perry is situated within 1,800 acres of hardwood forest set in the hills of southeast Missouri near Interstate 55, approximately 70 miles south of St. Louis.

How many acres is Perry County Community Lake?

Perry County Community Lake is located in Perry County, Missouri. This lake is 101 acres in size. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Channel Catfish and Largemouth Bass. NOTE: This list may not be all inclusive of all speices present in Perry County Community Lake.

What county is Perry Lake in?

Located on the Delaware River in Jefferson County, Perry Lake is the fourth largest lake in the state of Kansas.

Is it safe to swim in Perry Lake?

Swimming, wading, skiing and jet skiing are discouraged near visible blooms. Boating and fishing are safe. However, inhalation of the spray may affect some individuals. Avoid direct contact with water, and wash with clean water after any contact.

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Can you swim in Perry Lake?

Water Sports Two designated swim beaches are located at Perry Lake. The Corps of Engineers maintains the Perry Park Swim Beach, adjacent to Perry Yacht and Marina. Perry State Park maintains a swimming beach within their camping area. Both beach areas are delineated with buoys to exclude watercraft.

Is Lake Perry man made?

The reservoir is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers serving not only as a water reserve, but also as a very popular recreational area. Located at an altitude of 272 meters, the artificial lake has a surface area of 45 km2 and 257 kilometers of shoreline.

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