Where Is Lake Harris Located?

Where is Harris chain of Lakes located?

The Harris Chain of Lakes is located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Orlando, Florida in Lake County, Florida.

How deep is Lake Harris in Leesburg?

Covering 15,322 acres of water, it stretches from Highway 27 in Leesburg on the west to State Road 19 in Howey-in-the-Hills on the east. The lake averages about 10-12 feet in depth with a deep 20-30 foot trench running along it’s southern shoreline.

Where is Little Lake Harris Florida?

Little Lake Harris is a 3,718-acre lake located in Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida 34737 and Astatula, Florida 34705. Little Lake Harris is connected to and is part of the Harris Chain of Lakes.

What kind of fish are in Lake Harris Florida?

This chain is a part of the Ocklawaha River Basin and includes Lakes Dora, Beauclair, Carlton, Eustis, Apopka, Harris, Little Harris, Griffin and Yale. All are connected by navigable waterways, with the exception of Lake Yale.

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Is Lake Harris fresh water?

A freshwater lake to the north, the modern-day Lake Eustis, now honors the pioneer settler. Lake Eustis is connected by the Dead River directly to Lake Harris, which was also known by its Seminole name Astatula.

Are there alligators in Lake Harris Florida?

In Lake Harris, there are 750 large gators and a total of about 1,200, or 30 per mile of shoreline. We also do nest surveys during the summer, and Griffin’s alligators have been averaging 162 nests per season since 1991.”

What color worm works best on Lake Harris FL?

The standard colors of white and chartreuse work well. On overcast days, try black and chartreuse. Both gold and silver blades catch bass in Florida, but you need to experiment to find out what they want on a given day.

How deep is Lake Dora in Florida?

Like many Central Florida lakes, the depth is very shallow in comparison to most lakes. The depth averages around 8 feet with a few small areas from 12 to 14 feet deep.

How big is Lake Eustis in Florida?

Lake Eustis is located in Central Florida, west of the city of Eustis. It covers approximately 7,000 acres (28 km2).

How many acres is Little Lake Harris in Florida?

Little Lake Harris is a 2743 acre, Public lake located in Unincorporated Lake.

Where can I fish in Lake Harris?

Lake Harris

  • Hickory Point Fishing Pier. 27341 State Road 19 Tavares, FL 32778.
  • Singletary Park Fishing Pier. 1902 S. 14th Street Leesburg, FL 34748.
  • Venetian Gardens Park. 109 E. Dixie Ave Leesburg, FL 34748.
  • Ski Beach. Lake Harris Drive, Leesburg, FL 34748.
  • Griffin Park. 105 S Lakeshore Blvd, Howey-In-The-Hills, FL 34737.
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How deep is the Harris Chain of lakes?

The center depth of the lakes is about 10-12 feet on average with no reefs or open lake obstacles to impede navigation. Big Lake Harris has the deepest water at about 30 feet along the south shoreline.

What is a sunshine bass?

Sunshine bass were produced in Florida state hatcheries and are a hybrid of a female white bass and a male striped bass. As a result, these fish have rows of broken stripes along the front half of their body and continuous lines along the second half.

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