Where Is Indian Lake In Ohio Located?

What county is Indian Lake in in Ohio?

Indian Lake is in Logan County, about 10 miles northwest of the city of Bellefontaine. It is accessible from State Routes 33, 708, 117, 366 and 235. There are no horsepower limits at Indian Lake.

Can you swim at Indian Lake?

Today, Indian Lake offers a variety of on-the-water recreational options including boating, fishing, jet skiing, and swimming. Off the lake, visitors can enjoy camping, picnicking, and winter activities such as ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Is Indian Lake in Ohio manmade?

Located in west-central Ohio, 5,100-acre Indian Lake offers a variety of water-related recreational opportunities. Visitors can boat, fish, jet-ski and camp at this noteworthy, man- made lake. The resulting shallow, marshy, natural lakes in this region covered an area of 640 acres.

How deep is the Indian Lake in Ohio?

“Indian Lake is actually one of the healthiest lakes in Ohio. This project has been in place for 28 years and because of that, Indian Lake has been recognized nationally for the health of the lake,” Hastings said.

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What is the biggest inland lake in Ohio?

Pymatuning Lake in far northeast Ohio on the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line is one of the best lakes to visit in the state. It is Ohio’s largest inland lake, and it’s popular with campers and boaters. It is a 14,000-acre reservoir with docks, boat launches, amenities, and concessions located around the lake.

Why is Indian Lake closed?

The treatment of Indian Lake is an application of copper sulfate. According to DPW, “the application of copper sulfate is a common practice to maintain a healthy lake and poses minimal risk to humans and animals after application is complete.”

Is there a horsepower limit on Indian Lake?

Indian Lake is a 5,800-acre water playground in central Ohio’s Logan County. With no speed or horsepower limit on the lake, you’ll feel the breeze in your hair as you explore the lake’s 30+ miles of shoreline.

Is Indian Lake frozen?

One of the first lakes to freeze in the state is Indian Lake in western-central Ohio. The lake is shallow so it offers one of the first opportunities for anglers to hit the ice in the winter. You can find abundant populations of saugeye and crappie and some of the largest sunfish in Ohio for a public lake.

Where is the deepest part of Indian Lake Ohio?

The deepest part of the lake is on the west bank between Lakeview Harbor and Old Field Beach. It is 12- 15′ deep. There is another 15′ deep area in the cove on the south side of Pew Island. The depth of the lake by the spillway is 4′ according to the Parks Department.

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Is Indian Lake Private?

Indian Lake is a private lake. It is a 5-mile long horseshoe, 750 acres in area with 20 miles of shoreline. Indian Lake is also one of the cleanest lakes in Pennsylvania and is great for boating, fishing, swimming, and water skiing during the spring and summer, and a scenic wonderland in the fall and winter.

Can you swim in Mosquito lake?

A 600-foot beach provides recreation for swimmers and sun bathers. Swimming is permitted in designated areas.

What is the deepest lake in Ohio?

Ceaser Creek Lake This large reservoir to the east of Middletown was impounded in 1978, and is the deepest lake in Ohio.

How deep is the deepest part of Indian Lake Ohio?

4.57 m

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