Where Is Humrock Lake Located?

Can you swim at Rimrock Lake?

Rimrock Lake offers recreation, camping, and fantastic views of the surrounding foothills. Anglers enjoy time spent fishing for rainbow trout and kokanee. Swimming, tubing, jet skiing, kayaking and sail boarding are some of the summer season water activities.

What kind of fish are in Rimrock Lake?

Species you might catch

  • Brook trout.
  • Bull trout.
  • Kokanee.
  • Mountain whitefish.
  • Rainbow trout.
  • Westslope cutthroat trout.

Is Rimrock Lake man made?

Bureau of Reclamation, Washington. Rimrock Lake which is part of the Yakima Project was formed by the construction of Tieton Dam on the Tieton River. Bumping, Rimrock, and Clear Lakes are in Wenatchee National Forest.

What is there to do in Rimrock WA?

Best things to do near Rimrock Lake, WA 98937

  • Shoe Lake Hike Via Pacific Crest Trail. 8.7 mi. 1 review.
  • Sand Ridge Trail. 4.2 mi. Hiking.
  • White Pass Winter Carnival. 9.3 mi. 1 review.
  • Bear Creek Mountain. 10.4 mi. 1 review.
  • Nordic Center at White Pass. 9.4 mi. Active Life, Ski Resorts.
  • Ghormley Meadow Christian Camp. 6.3 mi.
  • YMCA. 4.0 mi.

Why is Rimrock Lake low?

A U.S. Bureau of Reclamation official said the low levels are the result of a perfect storm of insufficient water from last year, poor snowfall this winter and demand for irrigation water out of the reservoir this year.

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Do people swim in the Yakima River?

Yes, people have been doing it for decades, swimming in the Yakima River. They say it’s better to swim in posted, known swimming areas in the Columbia. And it you’re going to be swimming elsewhere in the bigger river, avoid areas that look hazardous, rocky, or unsafe. AND wear a life jacket.

Can you fish at Clear Lake?

Clear Lake is open to fishing from the fourth Saturday in April to October 31. The lake offer good harvest opportunity for stock rainbow trout and kokanee. Chumming is permitted. The lake also supports naturally reproducing populations of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

What county is Rimrock AZ?

Rimrock is located in Yavapai County <1>. Rimrock is 3,590 feet [1,094 m] above sea level.

What is the population of Rimrock Arizona?

Rimrock is located in Arizona. Rimrock, Arizona has a population of 5,929.

What is the elevation of Rimrock Arizona?

Rimrock is a populated place situated in Yavapai County, Arizona, about 12 miles southeast of Cornville on Beaver Creek. It has an estimated elevation of 3,592 feet (1,095 m) above sea level. It is named after a long rim rock along the creek.

What is the zip code in Rimrock AZ?

ZIP Code 86335 Map, Demographics, More for Rimrock, AZ.

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