Where Is Cascade Lake Located In Idaho?

Is Lake Cascade safe to swim?

Swimming is NOT Recommended.” Bacteria levels at Cascade Lake are elevated. It is not recommended to drink or swim in the water, as it could cause you to be sick.

What mountain range is Cascade Idaho in?

The sites are located along 86 miles of shoreline with beautiful views of Lake Cascade and the North Fork Mountain Range.

Is Cascade Lake open to the public?

A lot of people don’t know that the town of Cascade has the best access to Lake Cascade, Idaho’s 4th largest lake. The parks surrounding the lake have great views, easy access and are open to anyone.

Is Cascade Lake man made?

Lake Cascade (formerly Cascade Reservoir) is a man-made reservoir formed by a dam on the North Fork Payette River in 1948. It has relatively shallow water, controlled for irrigation water, flood control, and hydro-power.

Why is Cascade Lake closed?

During its first swimming season in 2020, the lake and beach were closed due to elevated bacteria levels. With temperatures reaching the 90s, a refreshing dip in a cool body of water has likely never sounded better.

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Where does Swimmer’s Itch come from?

What is swimmer’s itch? Swimmer’s itch, also called cercarial dermatitis, appears as a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to certain microscopic parasites that infect some birds and mammals. These parasites are released from infected snails into fresh and salt water (such as lakes, ponds, and oceans).

Where are the Rocky Mountains in Idaho?

The ranch is located 9 miles South of Stanley, Idaho on Highway 75 between milepost markers 180 and 181, on the route of the Salmon River – Sawtooth Scenic Byways, one of the Top 10 Drives in the Northern Rockies.

Is Idaho flat or mountains?

Idaho is primarily a mountainous state, containing the central part of the northern Rockies, which stretch from the southeast northwards to the Canadian border. Only the southwest is an exception as here the land is flat and lower in elevation (below 3,000 feet in some parts), and dominated by the Snake River Plain.

Is Cascade Lake Open 2021?

As of May 26, 2021, Cascade Lakes Highway is OPEN.

Is Lake Cascade clean?

VALLEY COUNTY, Idaho — Officials with the Central District Health Department and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality have issued a health advisory for Lake Cascade in Valley County due to the presence of a cyanobacteria harmful agal bloom.

What is the water temperature of Cascade Lake Idaho?

Lake Cascade water temp The average water temperature in Lake Cascade in winter reaches 33.8°F, in spring 46.4°F, in summer the average temperature rises to 69.8°F, and in autumn it is 51.8°F.

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Is Cascade lake frozen?

Lake Cascade has now frozen over entirely!

What is the biggest lake in Idaho?

Lake Pend Oreille is Idaho’s biggest, at 43 miles long with 111 miles of shoreline. It’s also the deepest (at 1,158 feet deep, there are only four deeper lakes in the nation).

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