Where Are The Slave Pens Located In Serpent Lake?

How do I get to Coilfang Reservoir?

The entrance to the dungeon is straight down between the two inner extensions; look for the bright light. The entrance quickly turns horizontal and leads you to the antechamber to the Coilfang Reservoir dungeons.

How much rep do Slave Pens run?

Each Uncatalogued Species you hand in gives 500 reputation. Save these for later, as they continue to give reputation after reaching Honored.

What level is underbog?

The Underbog ranges from levels 63-65 on Normal Mode, with Heroic Mode meant for level 70s.

Can you solo Lady Vashj?

Soloing Lady Vashj This encounter can be soloed by a high-level and decently-well-geared player. Phase 1 (100%-70%) is straightforward: just open up and nuke her. She will go immune at any point after 70%, so push hard until she actually does so.

Where do I turn in coilfang armaments?

You need to pick up the item Orders from Lady Vashj from trashmobs inside the Steamvault, a 5-man level70 instance in the Coilfang Reservoir. Turn this in at Ysiel Windsinger in the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh. Then she will give you the quest for the Coilfang Armaments.

How do I get into Shadow Labyrinth?

Entry requires one person in the party to possess the Shadow Labyrinth Key, or a rogue with a lockpicking skill of 350. The key can be picked up from a box after killing Talon King Ikiss (who also drops the key), the last boss of Sethekk Halls, which is also an instance wing of Auchindoun.

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How much rep does ramparts give?

A normal Ramparts run will yield around 575 reputation.

What rep does Steamvault give?

In Heroic Mode, the fastest path gives roughly 1550 rep, and a full clear will give 2,559 rep.

Does serpentshrine cavern give rep?

They drop from creatures in Steamvaults, Heroic Slave Pens and Serpentshrine Cavern. Yields 200 reputation the first time you hand in one, 75 reputation for the subsequent hand-ins. It’s recommended to save these until you hit honored and can no longer get reputation from turning in the Unidentified Plants.

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