Where Are Playgrounds Located At Lake Casitas Camp Ground?

Are there showers at Lake Casitas?

Please call 805-649-2233 for more information. Our playgrounds & park showers are currently open. Shower tokens are available for purchase through our token machine at the guest services building.

Is there WiFi at Lake Casitas?

Lake Casitas is located in the hills between Ventura and Ojai, CA. This is a large park with a variety of camping areas, picnic areas and a water park. The water park is not included in the price for camping. There is no WiFi but we got a strong Verizon signal.

Can you have a fire at Lake Casitas?

Yes, provided it is self-contained.

Does Lake Casitas have a dump station?

Not a problem as there are two dump stations within the Lake Casitas recreation area, free if you are staying at the park. No swimming is allowed, but there is a Water Park that you can go into for an additional day fee.

Can you swim in lake Cachuma?

No Swimming – Cachuma Lake is a domestic water supply, and as such, swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing or any other body contact with the water is prohibited.

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Can you paddle board on Lake Casitas?

Lake Casitas, long off-limits to paddlers, now allows these boats on a limited basis. Bigger boats have long cruised the lake, but tippy canoes and kayaks have been barred because they are more likely to capsize, dumping their occupants into the water and possibly contaminating it.

Do you need a fishing license for Lake Casitas?

It requires a valid fishing permit from DFG and all DFG regulations apply. Additionally, all Lake Casitas Recreation Area ordinances and regulations must be followed.

Is Castaic Lake open during coronavirus?

IMPORTANT NOTICE AS OF 7/1/21: Beginning Thursday, July 1, 2021, the Personal Water Craft (PWC) Area at Castaic Lake Recreation Area will be closed to the public for the remainder of the 2021 season. This closure will create an overall safer environment for all users of Castaic Lake.

Is Lake Casitas Water park open?

About the Casitas Water Adventure – Currently Closed for 2021 Summer Season. The Casitas Water Adventure is open throughout the summer months. Children and adults alike can enjoy two distinct water playgrounds. For the smallest of tots, a zero-depth pool sprays water from all angles, providing a safe, fun play area.

Is Lake Casitas man made?

Lake Casitas is a reservoir in Ventura County, California, built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and completed in 1959. The dam is 279 ft (85 m) creating a lake capacity of 254,000 acre⋅ft (313,000,000 m3). The dam was built as part of the Ventura River Project.

Is a casita?

Casita means cottage in Spanish. More formally, a Casita by definition is a small self-contained dwelling, typically unattached from a main home, but on the same property. Think of small detached houses that have been converted to guest homes in other parts of the U.S.

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What city is Silverwood Lake in California?

The park is located off of Highway 138 and Cleghorn Road, 11 miles east of I-15 heading east; or 20 miles north of San Bernardino via Highways 18 & 138. For best results navigating to Silverwood Lake type in Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area or 13990 Sawpit Canyon Rd, Hesperia, CA, 92345 into your GPS device.

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