What Region Of Arizona Is Watson Lake Located?

Where is Watson Lake located in Arizona?

Located at 3101 Watson Lake Rd, the lake is accessible form Highway 89. This beautiful lake, just four miles away from downtown Prescott, features fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, camping and day picnicking – something for everyone.

Can you drive up to Watson Lake?

You can drive into the lake if you prefer and enjoy other trail offshoots along the way. Optional Biking Route—Mt Watson Road to Watson Lake: Bikers enjoy riding up the road that leads to Watson Lake. This a moderate to difficult trail for most riders.

How was Watson Lake formed?

Watson is a man-made lake created in April 1915 with the completion of the Granite Creek dam. The anticipation of a new lake close to the city brought the biggest celebration Prescott saw in many years. A platform was built on the top of the immense dam for the band and the speakers.

Is there a fee for Watson Lake?

Four miles north of downtown, this beautiful park allows access to Watson Lake and the boulders of the Granite Dells. Boat rentals are located at the south boat ramp. There is a $3 per vehicle admission fee to enter the park. Click here for color map of Watson Lake Park.

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Can you swim in Goldwater Lake?

Goldwater Lake is located only 4 miles from Prescott. Though a smaller sized lake at 15 acres, there are many ways to enjoy it! There are picnic areas, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and boating. Only electronic motors are allowed on the lake and there is no swimming.

What kind of fish are in Watson Lake?

Watson Lake and Flume Trail is a 4.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Prescott, Arizona that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, camping, and fishing and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Can dogs swim in Watson Lake?

Watson Lake Park The lake itself is a popular recreation area for dogs and their owners who want to get out on the water. Watson Lake Park is pet-friendly. Dogs are welcome to join their owners on this beautiful trail full of stunning scenery.

Can you swim in Lynx Lake AZ?

Located just 15 minutes Southeast of Prescott, this lake is prime for boating, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and canoeing. Though swimming is prohibited, there are boat rentals if you do not have one of your own at the Lynx Lake Store.

Where is Granite Dells Arizona?

The Granite Dells is a geological feature north of Prescott, Arizona. The Dells consist of exposed bedrock and large boulders of granite that have eroded into an unusual lumpy, rippled appearance. Watson Lake and Willow Lake are small man-made reservoirs in this formation.

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Is Canyon Lake AZ open?

Area Status: Open Canyon Lake is known for wonderful shorelines along the red rock cliffs.

How old are the Granite Dells in Prescott AZ?

Granitic rock exposed at the Dells is Proterozoic in age (1,400 Ma).

Why is there no swimming in Watson Lake?

12 answers. You can not swim in Watson lake nor its twin sister willow lake due to polution. Both lakes are down stream from old strip mining of mercury. The city is in the process of writing grant to clean both lakes in the coming years.

What kind of fish are in Watson Lake in Prescott Arizona?

Approximately 4.8 miles in length for the entire loop around the lake. The Northshore trail covers rocky steep terrain, the Over the Hill trail covers rocky and slightly more moderate terrain, and the Peavine and Lower Granite Creek Trail are relatively flat in comparison. There is a $3 parking fee.

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