Readers ask: Where Is The Lake Tahoe Home Located That Was Used In The Godfather 2?

Where is the Lake Tahoe house from Godfather 2?

The compound, located on the California side of Lake Tahoe, has four bedrooms, five baths, and a library and media room. The lakehouse is based in the Fleur du Lac Estates, a gated community featuring 22 luxury properties and a heated, outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts for all residents to use.

What house was used in The Godfather Part 2?

In The Godfather Part II, the Fleur du Lac Estates served as the setting where patriarch Michael Corleone hosted a massive party for his son’s first communion.

Was the godfather filmed in Lake Tahoe?

At Homewood, west shore of Lake Tahoe, a luxury home in the gated community Fleur du Lac, where scenes from “The Godfather Part II” were filmed, has hit the market for $5.5 million.

Can you rent the godfather house on Lake Tahoe?

Visitors to Lake Tahoe are often glamorized by Fleur Du Lac and its history. We get a lot of calls about Fleur Du Lac. They do not do weddings or events inside or outside. The resiences are private and not available for rent as the property is completely closed to the public.

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Where is the house used in The Godfather?

STATEN ISLAND GODFATHER HOMES The main home used in the “The Godfather” is located at 110 Longfellow Ave. on Emerson Hill. However, the wedding scene in the movie was mostly filmed in the outdoor gardens of 120 Longfellow.

Who owns The Godfather mansion?

The estate’s owner, attorney and real-estate investor Leonard Ross, put the property on the market in 2016 for $195 million. Over the past several years, it’s seen price cut after price cut, down to $135 million in 2018 and $125 million in 2020.

Why did Michael kill Fredo?

Michael had to kill Fredo because he can’t let anyone do what Fredo did and not take appropriate action.

Where did they film the Cuba scenes in Godfather 2?

The Godfather Part II was shot between October 1, 1973 and June 19, 1974. The scenes that took place in Cuba were shot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Where was The Godfather filmed in Sicily?

Savoca and Forza d’Agrò are the two most famous filming locations of The Godfather movies in Sicily. These small medieval villages were featured in some of the most iconic scenes in the movie, such as Michael Corleone’s first meeting with Apollonia’s father, and the wedding.

Why did Tessio betray Michael?

He felt the Michael was not showing enough strength to combat the other families. Tessio felt that the Corleone family, including his own operation, would be wiped out. Tessio decided he had to betray Michael and join with Barzini to protect himself.

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How much was the Corleone family worth?

Plus, The Godfather and its sequels never really mentioned the Corleone Family’s net worth. In The Godfather Part III, Michael made some generous donations to the Vatican and owned a sizable share of Immobiliare stock, totaling almost $1 billion, which means his net worth must have been at least $1-2 billion.

What is the deepest part of Lake Tahoe?

They are Heavenly Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe, Homewood on the West Shore and Diamond Peak in North Lake Tahoe.

Where do the Corleone’s live in the Godfather?

The Corleone House Scenes The Corleone house is located on Long Island in New York City according to the information from the movie. The filmmakers used it in several scenes in The Godfather and also for a short scene in part 2.

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