Readers ask: Where Is Lake Camanche Located?

Is Lake Camanche good for swimming?

Welcome to the North Shore and South Shore Recreation Areas at Camanche Reservoir in the Sierra Foothills. You’ll find access to 12 square miles of lake and 53 miles of shoreline. Popular activities include fishing, swimming, waterskiing, jet skiing, and windsurfing.

How deep is Camanche?

Lake Camanche Facts The EBMUD reservoir covers 12 square miles, is 150 feet deep, and has 53 miles of shoreline when full. The lake is only a two-hour drive from most of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Is Camanche Reservoir open?

Lake Camanche: Kayak From fishing kayaks to ocean kayaks to your everyday recreational kayaks, they are there to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have. Open 7 days a week 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Is Lake Camanche low?

As with many California lakes, Camanche Reservoir is at its lowest level in decades as a result of the state’s extreme drought.

Can you drink at Lake Camanche?

Campgrounds. Lake Camanche has hundreds of RV and tent campsites, some almost lakefront. With alcohol-free restrictions and well-maintained sites, you can expect a pleasant, family-like atmosphere.

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Can dogs swim in Lake Camanche?

Camanche Lake, a popular recreation destination with 56 miles of shoreline, sits behind Camanche Dam, built to impound and prevent catastrophic flooding of the Mokelumne River. Dogs are allowed in campgrounds and around the lake but not on trails, which are reserved for human hikers and equestrians only.

Is Lake Camanche man made?

Camanche Reservoir is an artificial lake in the San Joaquin Valley in California in the United States, at the juncture of Amador, Calaveras, and San Joaquin counties.

What kind of fish are in Lake Camanche?

Lake Camanche Recreation Area Campgrounds and RV Parks in Ione California is a campground or RV park offering primitive sites. Primitive sites may have varied amenities available but our definition of primitive campsite means it does not have electric, water or sewer hookups available.

Can you have a campfire at Lake Camanche?

Campfires are NOT allowed at any of the units. Tents and/or Recreational vehicles may not be utilized for accommodations. Recreational vehicles must be parked in designated areas only, not by the lodging units.

How full is Camp Far West Lake?

It is formed by Camp Far West Dam on the Bear River and Rock Creek. Camp Far West Lake drains an area of 286 square miles, and at full capacity, contains 104,500 acre-feet of water.

Where is Ebmud water from?

Most of EBMUD’s water comes from the Mokelumne River watershed on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. This area is mostly national forest, EBMUD-owned lands and other undeveloped lands little affected by human activity.

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How full is Don Pedro Lake?

According to data published by the California Department of Water Resources, Don Pedro currently sits at 64% of its 2,030,000-acre-foot capacity, or 1,305,688-acre feet.

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