Readers ask: Where Is Lake Bled Located?

Which country is Lake Bled in?

Lake Bled, Serbo-Croatian Bledsko Jezero, glacial lake in the extreme northwestern region of Slovenia.

Is Lake Bled in Croatia?

Experience centuries-old traditions and not-to-be-missed attractions in the heart of Bavaria’s capital, the storybook settings of Lake Bled, and venture to breathtaking Croatia.

Is Lake Bled worth visiting?

Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most popular tourist attraction and although it’s getting more and more famous, it’s still relatively unknown comparing to other European landmarks. And, in contrast to other places flooded by masses of visitors, the beautiful Bled is not overrated at all.

What is Lake Bled known for?

More Lake Bled facts And while it’s most famous for its dramatic location, a wine-tasting experience in the castle cellar is an absolute highlight. Kremna rezina, a Slovenia cream cake and regional speciality of the Lake Bled area, dates back to the 18th century.

What language is spoken in Slovenia?

SWIMMING: In summer it is possible to swim in both Lakes Bohinj & Bled, both of which have lots of “beach” areas to swim and sun bathe from. Water is usually fresh but perfectly OK in both lakes in high summer months.

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How much does it cost to fish at Lake Bled?

Bled carp fishing experience will cost you only 57 €. With this permit you can catch only one carp which weighs no more than 7 kilograms. Carp fishing in Bled is allowed with two rods.

How do I get from Lake Bled to Ljubljana?

The best way to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is to bus which takes 1h 6m and costs €3 – €16. Alternatively, you can train via Lesce ŽP, which costs €4 – €19 and takes 1h 23m.

Is Slovenia expensive?

Slovenia is quite cheap compared to the nearby Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, but it’s more expensive than most countries in Eastern Europe. In particular, the capital city of Ljubljana can cost dramatically more than the surrounding countryside and small towns.

How many days do you need in Lake Bled?

If you have the time in your schedule, I recommend spending several nights in either Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj. You need one day to do everything we have listed in this article and it will be a long, busy day. With two days in this area, you can spend one full day at Lake Bled and one full day at Lake Bohinj.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Bled?

In total, it should take you about 2 hours to completely walk around Lake Bled.

When should I go to Lake Bled?

Of course, this is when Lake Bled is at its busiest. The happy middle-ground for sightseeing is late spring and early autumn when you’ll find pleasant weather, snow capped mountains in the distance, and a nice lush green forest.

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How far is Lake Bled from Ljubljana?

The total distance from Ljubljana to Bled is exactly 54.8 kilometers. If the Gorenjska highway is not crowded with traffic, then you will be able to get from Ljubljana to Bled in about 41 minutes by car.

Why is the water in Lake Bled so blue?

The lake, which is one of Canada’s top tourist attractions, gets its color from glacial salts that flow down into it during the summer months. For a particularly stunning contrast, visit Peyto Lake during Alberta’s frigid winter, whose bright white snow draws further attention to the aquamarine hues of the water.

Is Slovenia open to tourists?

Non-essential travel to Slovenia (personal/tourist): U.S. citizens on non-essential travel are permitted only if fully vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid-19. U.S. citizens who have residency in the EU or are married to a Slovenian citizen can also be admitted with proof of a negative Covid test.

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