Readers ask: Where Is Bass Lake California Located?

What is Bass Lake known for?

While the nearly 5-mile/8-km-long lake is popular destination for water skiing, wakeboarding, and wave runners, it also has sheltered coves for swimming and for sailing, as well as kayaking and pedal boating (boat and gear rentals are available).

What National Park is Bass Lake in?

Sierra National Forest – Bass Lake Recreation Area.

What’s the closest city to Bass Lake?

Cities near Bass Lake, California:

  • Parlier, CA.
  • Orange Cove, CA.
  • Reedley, CA.
  • Selma, CA.
  • Dinuba, CA.
  • Atwater, CA.
  • Kingsburg, CA.
  • Mendota, CA.

Is Bass Lake safe to swim in?

There are designated swimming areas at the falls beach and recreation point. Swim at your own risk around the perimeter of the lake between the shore and the orange 5 MPH buoys. There is no swimming in the PWC areas.

Does Bass Lake CA get snow?

Bass Lake averages 29 inches of snow per year.

Is Bass Lake open for day use?

Bass Lake provides camping, boating, fishing, hiking, day use and group areas. Accessible facilities are available at Lupine-Cedar Bluff Campground, Recreation Point (picnic) and Wishon Boat Launch.

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Can I BBQ at Bass Lake?

Welcome! The Sierra National Forest recreation facilities listed include campground and day use areas from the San Joaquin River north to the Merced River. Campgrounds and picnic areas at Bass Lake have flush toilets, parking spurs, table, fire ring and/or grill.

Who owns Bass Lake CA?

Bass Lake was completed in 1910 to protect property downstream. Now it generates 27 megawatts of power through 5 downstream power houses and is owned by Pacific Gas & Electric. It has developed into major resort and recreation facility.

Is Bass Lake a nice place to live?

Bass Lake and its location is perfect for weekend trips, one-day outdoor adventures, and summer vacations. It is a fun destination for families of all ages and interests. It helps bring a family together, foster active lifestyles, and teach children about the importance of respecting nature.

What town is closest to Yosemite?

Enjoy a free shuttle to the Mariposa Grove Wawona is located within the Yosemite National Park, making it the nearest town to the famous Mariposa Grove and Chilnualna Falls.

What towns are close to Yosemite National Park?

Towns & Cities Near Yosemite National Park

  • El Portal, CA. 14.9 mi / 29 mins.
  • Yosemite West, CA. 17.6 mi / 36 mins.
  • Wawona, CA. 28.2 mi / 54 mins.
  • Mariposa, CA. 43.3 mi / 1 hour 10 mins.
  • Groveland, CA. 47.8 mi / 1 hour 12 mins.
  • Bass Lake, CA. 48.9 mi / 1 hour 26 mins.
  • Mammoth Lakes, CA. 320 mi / 6 hours 36 mins.

Why is Bass Lake so low?

According to PG&E, the lower than normal water levels at Bass Lake are a result of a very dry year in California. “Despite the wet season’s precipitation being half of normal, Bass Lake will peak at about 72% of capacity in June and remain above 70% of capacity come Labor Day.”

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Does Bass Lake have water right now?

(The Bass Lake water level is at 50% right now, which is around what it sits at in the winter. PG&E is required to keep it at least that high.) The good news, however, is that it’s still plenty of water for your favorite water sports activities and family fun!

Why do they drain Bass Lake?

“ The water release is required by the contract with downstream water users, and also helps protect against flooding by providing space to capture storm and snow melt runoff.” Boyles says the drawdown at Bass Lake usually begins around mid-August, with water levels maintained to allow for recreation through Labor Day.

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