Readers ask: Where Is Apache Lake Located In Arizona?

Can you swim in Apache Lake AZ?

Apache Lake is the Hidden Gem in Arizona. Our unique location provides a remote and uncrowded experience to lake goers and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, we are the only lake in Arizona that has rooms near the water and walk-in distance beaches.

Why is Apache Lake closed?

The US Forest Service announced that the North Shore of Apache Lake will be closed due to fire restrictions effective immediately.

How far is Roosevelt Lake from Apache Lake?

Travel another 15 miles, much of which is unpaved through some cliff-edged hair pin turns to Apache Lake. From Globe Arizona. Take Highway 88 from Globe about 35 miles to Roosevelt Lake Dam, then turn south on the Apache Trail which is alson Highway 88. Apache Lake is about 5 miles form the dam.

What happened at Apache Lake?

It happened around 9 p.m. in the area of Alder Creek, aka “Party Cove,” located along the north shore of Apache Lake. The flash flood and its debris eventually reached the lake, and the five people who were on the inoperable boat went into the water as the boat capsized.

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Is there cell service at Apache Lake?

The dirt road section leading to Canyon Lake, Tortilla Flat and Apache Lake all have WiFi but the sections in between are dead zones! The rest of the 120 mile Apache Trail loop has cell phone service! Sporadic cell service may be available, depending on your carrier.

Can you have fires at Apache Lake?

Camping within Apache Lake Marina and Resort is all primitive camping, meaning that we do not have designated campsites. Instead, campers are encouraged to find their favorite spot on our beaches, which have picnic tables and fire pits spread throughout.

How dangerous is the Apache Trail?

The road is known for its dizzying, narrow road, with drops in some areas of more than 1,000 feet (304m). With such drops, the path can turn deadly. The trail requires caution when driving and it is not recommended for large RVs, SUVs, or caravans.

Is Apache Lake open for swimming?

Area Status: Open This lake is set among sun-painted canyon walls, which form scenic backdrops to the lake itself. Both Non-motorized and Motorized boating are allowed at Apache Lake. During the summer months Apache Lake is very popular for the cool water and beautiful scenery.

Is the road to Apache Lake paved?

Motorists can now access Apache Lake by taking State Route 188 to SR 88 west. Motorists can access Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat using SR 88 from Apache Junction. This is a paved segment of the highway.

Is Roosevelt Lake open Covid 19?

The National Park Service (NPS) is working with federal, state, and local authorities to closely monitor COVID-19. Outdoor spaces at Lake Roosevelt, including the lake and most hiking trails, remain accessible to the public in accordance with the latest federal, state, and local health guidance.

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Is AZ 188 paved?

About 15 miles northwest of Miami Gardens, State 188 meets 288. The paved road winds its way along the western flank of the Salt River Mountains, drops down to cross the Salt River by way of a one-lane bridge, and then begins its long climb into the Sierra Ancha.

What percent full is Roosevelt Lake?

Roosevelt Lake sits 97% full. And whitewater has been thundering down the spillway at Horseshoe Dam. Runoff from rain and snow across the mountains of central Arizona this year has filled reservoirs nearly to capacity along the Verde and Salt rivers.

What kind of fish are in Apache Lake?

Apache Lake is home to channel and flathead catfish, largemouth, smallmouth, striped, and yellow bass, bluegill, crappie, walleye, trout, and carp. The lake has multiple fishing habitats courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish, and has dozens of coves, shallows, and channels fishermen and women can escape the crowds in.

Is Apache Lake Open 2021?

Come and join us for our 2021 Season Kick-Off at Apache Lake! We will be officially reopening our bar and restaurant.

Is Apache Lake Marina for sale?

After more than 40 years of operation, the Apache Lake Marina and Resort in the Tonto National Forest is up for sale. Days before the resort announced its sale, ADOT said a portion of the road was reopened but that the highway would remain closed indefinitely from Tortilla Flat to the Apache Lake marina turnoff.

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