Readers ask: Where In Legend Lake Located In Wisconsin?

What county is Legend Lake Wisconsin in?

Legend Lake is a 1304 acre lake located in Menominee County. It has a maximum depth of 74 feet. Fish include Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike.

Is Legend Lake on a reservation?

Legend Lake is a census-designated place (CDP) in Menominee County, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, United States, on the Menominee Indian Reservation.

When was Legend Lake made?

This theme is explored through the production and distribution of a 34 minute documentary “Legend Lake: A Talking Circle” filmed in Menominee Reservation/County of northeastern Wisconsin in 2010.

What county is Menominee WI in?

Tours every Sat & Sun: 9am and 2pm. The War Bonnet will be offering Reservation tours every Saturday and Sunday. Air conditioned, $30 per person, Call 715-799-4413 for reservations.

What is the Menominee tribe known for?

The traditional Menominee economy was based, in order of importance, on gathering wild rice and other wild plants; cultivating corn (maize), squash, beans, and tobacco; and fishing and hunting. Before colonization the people lived in permanent villages of dome-shaped houses.

Where is the clearest water in Wisconsin?

The Clearest Lake In Wisconsin Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

  • This large lake up north is 564 acres.
  • What makes this lake so special is that it’s one of the clearest lakes in Wisconsin.
  • In a survey of state lakes, Black Oak Lake is listed as the one with the most clarity — a seeing depth of around 30 feet.
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Where is the cleanest water in Wisconsin?

Geneva Lake The beautiful spring-fed Geneva Lake is one of the most pristine and cleanest lakes in all of Wisconsin, which is why it is a popular area for cottage homes and beautiful lakefront resorts. The clear lake has more than 5,000 acres for swimming, boating, fishing, and relaxing shoreside.

What is the cleanest river in Wisconsin?

The Mukwonago River is one of the cleanest and most biologically diverse streams in southeastern Wisconsin. The river is part of the Mukwonago River Watershed which spans 47,500 acres through and around the town of Mukwonago.

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