Readers ask: What County Is The Shearon Harris Lake Located In In North Carolina?

Is Shearon Harris Lake Safe?

With multiple recent examples of public safety being poorly protected by FEMA and other federal agencies, NRC’s negligence ranks among the greatest of risks. Progress Energy points to the NRC’s “performance” reports as proof that the Shearon Harris plant has a safe track record.

Is Harris Lake man made?

Harris Lake, stretching its watery fingers out over 4,100 North Carolina acres, was created by Carolina Power and Light by impoundment of Buckhorn Creek, part of the Cape Fear River Basin. Construction of Buckhorn Creek Dam began in 1978 and was completed in 1981.

How many acres is Shearon Harris Lake?

Shearon Harris Reservoir (Harris Lake) is a 4,151-acre impoundment in the upper Cape Fear River Basin, located approximately 20 miles south- west of Raleigh, NC (Figure 1).

Where does the fuel that is being stored at Shearon Harris come from?

Pools A and B at Harris contain fuel racks, and are in regular use. They store spent fuel from the Harris reactor and from CP&L’s Brunswick plant (two units) and Robinson plant (one unit).

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What kind of fish are in Shearon Harris Lake?

Shearon Harris Reservoir is a lake near Holly Springs. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, and Black crappie.

Is Lake Norman radioactive?

New data released by Duke Energy shows higher than expected levels of radioactivity in the groundwater around Lake Norman. According to the Waterkeeper Alliance, “Levels of radioactivity from radium at the Marshall coal-fired power plant on Lake Norman were 2.5 times the federal drinking water standard.

How many nuclear power plants are in North Carolina?

Nuclear Power Plants. North Carolina has four nuclear power plants that serve the state.

Is it safe to live near a nuclear power plant?

Let’s start with the obvious question: Is it safe to live near a nuclear plant? ” Absolutely; study after study has shown this,” says Miller. “The bizarre fact is, cancer rates and risks in general are lower around plants.

How old is High Rock Lake?

Created in 1929, High Rock Lake covers an impressive 15,180 acres (61 km2) and boasts 365 miles (587 km) of shoreline. The lake’s name is derived from neighboring “High Rock Mountain,” the tallest mountain in the Uwharrie Mountains. High Rock Lake has something for everyone.

Is Badin Lake man made?

Badin Lake is one of a series of lakes created by the damming of the Yadkin-Pee Dee River in the Uwharrie Lakes Region of the United States. The Badin Lake Dam was built in 1917 to support local aluminum smelting plant, Alcoa, and the associated community of Badin was named for the founder, Adrien Badin.

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How old is Waccamaw?

Lake Waccamaw (the body of water, not the town) is estimated to be as old as 30,000 years and its beauty is simply breathtaking. But the history surrounding this gorgeous lake involves a bit of mystery and perhaps even an ancient lovers’ quarrel that may have changed the lay of the land for eternity.

Can you eat fish from Falls Lake?

No problem eating fish from Falls, I eat at least one meal a week from fish caught there.

Are there fish in Harris Lake?

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