Readers ask: What County Is Moosehead Lake Located?

What town is Moosehead Lake Maine in?

When you arrive at Moosehead Lake from the south, Greenville is the town you enter at the southern-most tip of the lake. With all the looked-for amenities, Greenville has become a hub for the surrounding communities that contribute to the soulful, artsy, outdoor experiences that makes us Moosehead.

Where is Moosehead Lake located?

Moosehead Lake, lake, located in west-central Maine, U.S. Moosehead is the largest of the state’s many lakes, its waters covering an area of 120 square miles (310 square km). Lying at an elevation of 1,023 feet (312 metres), it is dotted with numerous islands, the largest of which is Sugar Island.

What county is Greenville Maine in?

Greenville is a town in Piscataquis County, Maine, United States. The population was 1,646 at the 2010 census. The town is centered on the lower end of Moosehead Lake, the largest body of fresh water in the state.

Is it safe to swim in Moosehead Lake?

Moosehead Lake has the distinction of being Maines deepest lake. It’s up towards the Rangely region(Northwest) in the town of Greenville. And yes,you can swim,boat, in the Lake! But dont pee,it is home to a snapping turtle that is attracted to urine!

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Is Moosehead Lake Worth Visiting?

Just three hours north of Portland, Maine, exceptionally beautiful Moosehead Lake is worth a trip from anywhere. It’s the “perfect lake of the woods” that dazzled 1800s writer/explorer Henry David Thoreau.

What is the deepest lake in Maine?

Sebago Lake, although second in surface area to Moosehead Lake, is Maine’s deepest lake. With a water depth of 316 feet, its deepest part is 49 feet below sea level!

Who owns Moosehead Lake?

About 120 people would be hired during the construction phase. The Moosehead Lake Ski Resort would replace the Big Squaw Mountain Ski Resort, whose Florida-based owner, James Confalone, was sued by the state in 2016 for failing to maintain the property.

Why do they call it Moosehead Lake?

Henry David Thoreau and other 19th-century visitors remarked on the beauty of the area. The region has a large moose population; moose outnumber people 3:1. However, the name of the region derives from the remarkable similarity between maps of the lake and an antlered moose.

Are there moose at Moosehead Lake?

Maine is one of the few states with a thriving moose population, and in the Moosehead Lake Region, the moose outnumber people three to one! Moose prefer solitude and deep woods cover in their habitat, so it is no surprise that the Moosehead Lake region has been claimed as home by these elusive animals for years.

Is Greenville Maine safe?

Is Greenville, ME Safe? The C- grade means the rate of crime is slightly higher than the average US city. Greenville is in the 36th percentile for safety, meaning 64% of cities are safer and 36% of cities are more dangerous.

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What towns are near Greenville?

Cities near Greenville, Maine:

  • Millinocket, ME.
  • Madison, ME.
  • Skowhegan, ME.
  • Hermon, ME.
  • Old Town, ME.
  • Orono, ME.
  • Bangor, ME.
  • Fairfield, ME.

Where is Greenville Ma?

Greenville (in Worcester County, MA ) Populated Place Profile Greenville (GNIS FID: 610355) is a populated place located within the Town of Leicester, a minor civil division (MCD) of Worcester County. The elevation of Greenville is 764 feet.

What is the clearest lake in Maine?

Jordan Pond is Maine’s clearest lake.

Can you waterski on Moosehead Lake?

With Moosehead Lake just outside your doorstep, you’ll be able to launch your boat, jet ski and more from our own boat ramp. Moosehead Lake covers over 100 square miles and is the perfect location for your water skiing, kayaking, boating, swimming and other water sport activities all summer long!

What is the warmest lake in Maine?

Sebago Lake, Casco Sebago Lake’s sheer beauty beckons visitors to plunge into the water on a hot summer day. Big deep water ensures cool temperatures throughout the hottest months. Sebago is the second-largest lake in Maine after Moosehead, and the deepest, with depths over three hundred feet.

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