Readers ask: What County In Ind Is Turkey Lake Located?

Where is Turkey Lake in Indiana?

Big Turkey Lake is located in Steuben County, Indiana. This lake is 450 acres in size.

Where is Little Turkey Lake?

1): Page 4 4 Little Turkey Lake is located in the southeastern quadrant of LaGrange County, Indiana (Milford Township). The size of the lake is 135 acres, with a maximum depth of 36 feet. The established legal elevation of the lake water surface is 925.72 feet above sea level.

How Big is Turkey Lake?

Turkey Lake is a 324 acre, Private lake located in Unincorporated Orange.

How many acres is big turkey Lake Indiana?

Big Turkey Lake is a 450 acre kettle lake located in Steuben County Indiana.

How many acres is Little Turkey Lake?

Little Turkey Lake is located in Steuben County, Indiana. This lake is 58 acres in size.

What city is Hamilton Lake in?

The Town of Hamilton Indiana Hamilton Lake covers 800 acres with a depth of over 90ft. Downtown Hamilton is located along the south shore of the lake, offering many restaurants, merchants, and professional services!

Where is pretty lake located?

About. Pretty Lake, a quiet fishing lake with a 10 mph speed limit, is located in the southeast corner of Lagrange County in NE Indiana. Pretty Lake is 184 acres of clean water with a water clarity of 23′ and plant life found to a depth of 27′. There are approximately 230 cottages and lake homes bordering its lakeshore

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