Readers ask: What Country Is Lake Balkhash Located?

What is unique about Lake Balkhash?

Balkash is a lake with unique features, which have puzzled scientists and researchers for hundreds of years. Its rarity lies in the fact that its Western and Northern parts are nothing like each other. The Western area is a shallow and quiet expanse, filled with fresh water, containing 46% of the lake’s total volume.

Which fact about Lake Balkhash located in Kazakhstan is true?

Lake Balkhash is one of the largest lakes in Asia and the 15th largest in the world. It is in the east of Central Asia in southeastern Kazakhstan and belongs to an endorheic (closed) basin, the uppermost part of which is in mainly China, with a small portion in Kyrgyzstan. The basin drains seven rivers.

What kind of fish are in Lake Balkhash?

Lakes and seas of Kazakhstan offer unique opportunities for beach tourism and recreational activities. The largest lakes in the country are Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Balkhash, Zaisan and Alakol.

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How deep is the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal in southern Russia is the world’s deepest lake. It is an estimated 5,387 feet deep (1,642 meters), and its bottom is approximately 3,893 feet (1,187 meters) below sea level.

What is the largest inland body of water on Earth?

Caspian Sea, Russian Kaspiyskoye More, Persian Darya-ye Khezer, world’s largest inland body of water. It lies to the east of the Caucasus Mountains and to the west of the vast steppe of Central Asia.

Is Lake Balkhash salty?

Water in the western part of the lake is almost fresh—suitable for drinking and industrial uses—whereas the eastern side of the basin is brackish to salty. The western side is also murkier; visibility/light penetrates to about 1 meter, compared to more than 5 meters on the eastern side.

Where is Balkhash?

Balkhash (Kazakh: Balqash; Russian:, romanized: Balkhash) is a city in Kazakhstan, located on the northern shore of the Lake Balkhash, on the Bay Bertys, and in south of Kazakh Uplands.

How deep is the Baikal lake?

Around 25 million years ago, a fissure opened in the Eurasian continent and gave birth Lake Baikal, now the oldest lake in the world. It’s the world’s deepest lake, an estimated 5,387 feet deep (1,642 meters).

Is Lake Balkhash freshwater?

Lake Balkhash has fresh water in the west and brackish water in the east.

Why is the Lake Balkhash shrinking?

The lake currently covers about 16,400 km2 (6,300 sq mi). However, like the Aral Sea, it is shrinking due to diversion and extraction of water from its feeders. The lake has a narrow, quite central, strait. The lake’s western part is fresh water.

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Which sea has dried up?

In 2014, the eastern lobe of the South Aral Sea completely disappeared. Water levels in summer 2018 were not as low as they might have been, following a round of seasonal snowmelt in the spring. As the Aral Sea has dried up, fisheries and the communities that depended on them collapsed.

What is the main source of water in Central Asia?

The main sources of water in Central Asia are the Syr Darya and Amu Darya Rivers, mostly fed by snow- and glacier-melt from the Pamir, Hindu Kush and Tien Shan mountain ranges.

What rivers flow into Lake Balkhash?

Balkhash is the largest water body wholly within the borders of Kazakhstan (Figure 1). Five permanent rivers flow into it: the Ili, Karatal, Aksu, Lepsa, and Ayaguz [1]. These rivers originate in the mountainous regions of the Tien Shan range, and to a lesser extent, the Tarbagatai and Chingiz-Tau ranges.

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