Quick Answer: Where Is Possum Kingdom Lake Located In Texas?

What is the closest town to Possum Kingdom Lake?

Possum Kingdom Lake lies between three thriving small towns: Graham, Mineral Wells and Breckenridge. All three offer history and art museums, entertainment, restaurants and more. Find the best places to observe wildlife nearby on the Palo Pinto Loop of the Great Texas Wildlife Trails.

Why is it called Possum Kingdom?

Local legend has it that Possum Kingdom got its name from a fur trader out of nearby Mineral Wells who always referred to the trappers in northwest Palo Pinto County as the “boys of Possum Kingdom “, a name often associated with a particular bend of the Brazos River.

Is Possum Kingdom Lake clean?


Is Possum Kingdom Lake safe to swim in?

Possum Kingdom State Park Possum Kingdom Lake has over 300 miles of shoreline and is located only an hour west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. You can swim, boat, fish, snorkel, and scuba dive or even cool off in an air-conditioned cabin.

Is there alligators in Possum Kingdom Lake?

Enjoy the natural beauty of its flora and fauna under the stars while grilling your favorite outdoor meal. On water, you can swim, boat, fish, ski, scuba dive and snorkel. These things are basically 80% fish-20% alligator and mostly harmless.

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What towns are around Possum Kingdom Lake?

People have died at Possum Kingdom, though. This past summer alone, two men drowned in June after their boat capsized near the Morris Sheppard Dam. A month later, an Arlington man drowned after falling off a pool float on the Fourth of July. A Lubbock woman drowned, also over Fourth of July, back in 2013.

Is Possum Kingdom Lake salt water?

It’s actually a layer of salt. Downstream of the salt flats are reservoirs that supply drinking water to the upper region of the Brazos basin. At times, chloride levels at Lakes Possum Kingdom and Granbury are higher than allowed under state drinking water standards.

Is Possum Kingdom Lake constant level?

Why isn’ t Possum Kingdom Lake a constant level lake? To maintain an ample water supply, the BRA attempts to keep the lake as full as possible; however, the lake level will vary, depending on the amount of water used, evaporation rates, amounts of rainfall and runoff in the Brazos basin upstream, and other factors.

Are there possums in Possum Kingdom?

Possum Kingdom Lake was given its name by a fur trader Ike Sablosky who coined the name Possum Kingdom after the many possums that could be found in the area. Possum Kingdom Lake cuts through the Palo Pinto hills. This natural terrain provides for the unusually deep lake waters and the clearness of the water.

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