Quick Answer: Where Is Lake Travis Texas Located?

Why is Lake Travis so dangerous?

“A lot of the hazards on the lake right now are hidden because the water is so high,” Lawson said. Tree limbs, stumps and such artificial hazards as old construction materials, sunken docks and boats are all lurking in the water, which has big drop-offs, Lawson said.

What town is Lake Travis in?

Lake Travis and Mansfield Dam are located approximately thirteen miles northwest of Austin in Travis County (extending into Burnet County), on the Colorado River.

What side of Austin is Lake Travis?

Northwest of downtown, Lake Travis is Austin’s largest lake and a longtime favorite of both locals and visitors. Common water activities like boating, water skiing, and fishing are all prevalent, but because of the immense depths at lake Travis (a maximum depth of 210 feet), visitors can also SCUBA dive.

Is it dangerous to swim in Lake Travis?

Yes, it’s safe. Lake Travis and Lake Austin both have high water flow. Maybe avoid swimming in narrow coves where things can grow easier. If you plan on touching the bottom or rocks, wear water shoes to avoid being cut by zebra mussels.

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Are there crocodiles in Lake Travis Texas?

A fisherman came across a dead alligator on the shores of Lake Travis Tuesday. While alligators are few and far between here in Central Texas, they are not altogether unheard of. A twelve foot gator was shot in Bastrop earlier this year. It is illegal to shoot alligators in Travis and Bastrop Counties.

Are there snakes in Lake Travis?

If you live in the Lake Travis area, you’ve probably been hearing about all of the recent snake sightings. If you can handle the fire ants and the scorpions and the mountain lions, you can handle the snakes. It’s one of the things that makes living in the Hill Country so wonderful — the abundance of nature.

Is Lake Travis a good place to live?

Located approximately 20 miles west of Austin, Lake Travis is an exciting place to live and a popular destination for water and outdoor enthusiasts. The South Lake Travis area is home to the cities of Bee Cave, Briarcliff, Lakeway, The Hills, and Spicewood as well as other unincorporated areas of Travis County.

What animals live in Lake Travis?

Prey species: Threadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, Bluegill, and Redbreast Sunfish were the predominant prey species. Overall, the forage base was adequate to support sport fish. Catfishes: Blue Catfish were the predominant species of catfish surveyed in 2019. Large Flathead Catfish and Blue Catfish were available to anglers.

Is Lake Travis natural?

Lake Travis is not a natural lake, in fact, it is a reservoir. The lake was created when the Lower Colorado River Authority constructed Mansfield Dam. It was built to control the floodwaters of the 600 miles of the Colorado River that comprise the LCRA’s service area. Construction of the dam began in 1938.

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When did Lake Travis dry up?

For the town of Spicewood Beach on Lake Travis, the situation had grown downright dire. They completely ran out of water in January of 2012 and began to have it trucked in. The wells which the town’s 1,100 residents depend on had become so low they were no longer reliable.

Where should I live in Lake Travis?

Top 10 Popular Lake Travis Neighborhoods

  • Steiner Ranch. Steiner Ranch is a master-planned community, developed in the 1990s, and laid out over 4,600 acres along the Colorado River just south of Lake Travis.
  • Sweetwater.
  • Spanish Oaks.
  • Rough Hollow.
  • Rocky Creek.
  • Hills of Lakeway.
  • Hudson Bend.
  • Lake Pointe.

Are Lake Travis and Lake Austin the same?

Lake Travis is the larger lake but it is about 30 miles from Austin.

How full is Lake Travis right now?

Lake Travis: 77.6% full as of 2021-08-04.

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