Quick Answer: Where Is Lake Ronkonkoma Located?

Is Ronkonkoma a Nassau or Suffolk COunty?

Ronkonkoma is a hamlet and census-designated place in the Town of Islip in Suffolk COunty, New York.

Is Lake Ronkonkoma connected to the ocean?

Directions: Lake Ronkonkoma lies just north of the Long Island Expressway and east of Ocean Avenue in Ronkonkoma.

What COunty is Ronkonkoma?

Is Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Safe? The A+ grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. Lake Ronkonkoma is in the 95th percentile for safety, meaning 5% of cities are safer and 95% of cities are more dangerous.

Can you walk around Lake Ronkonkoma?

No Swimming as there aren’t any lifeguards year round. However, you can now walk completely around the lake.

How many people have died at Lake Ronkonkoma?

There were at least 160 drownings at the lake between the mid- to late 1800s and late 1970s, averaging well over one a year — and only three victims were women, said former longtime Lake Ronkonkoma lifeguard David Igneri, 74, citing his own research.

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Do you have to pay to get into Lake Ronkonkoma?

Price: Open free of charge to Islip residents with a recreation card, disabled town card, or senior ID card. Residents without a card and nonresidents can enter for a daily fee. To enter, residents older than 12 must have an Islip Town recreation card ($30 for 2 years).

How many miles is it around Lake Ronkonkoma?

Lake Ronkonkoma is Long Island’s largest freshwater lake. Now the lake is polluted with rainwater runoff and trash. Parts of the lake are 60 feet deep.

What was Ronkonkoma called?

The name Ronkonkoma comes from an Algonquian expression meaning ” boundary fishing-lake “, also earlier written as Raconkumake and Raconkamuck.

Can you kayak in Lake Ronkonkoma?

The lake is fairly shallow and the water is pretty calm most of the time. The best part is that if your on the other side and it starts to rain, you can paddle back to the ramp pretty quick. It is not that big of a lake.

What town is Ronkonkoma?

Ronkonkoma (/rɒnˈkɒŋkəmə/ ron-KONG-kə-mə) is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) on Long Island in the Town of Islip, New York, United States.

What are the stops on the Ronkonkoma line?

Direction: Westbound (7 stops)

  • Greenport. NY 114, Greenport View full schedule.
  • Southold. 1515 Youngs Avenue, Southold View full schedule.
  • Mattituck. 418 Westphalia Road, Mattituck View full schedule.
  • Riverhead. 163 Railroad Avenue, Riverhead View full schedule.
  • Yaphank Avenue.
  • Medford.
  • Ronkonkoma.

What school district is Ronkonkoma NY?

The major school district for Ronkonkoma, NY is Connetquot Central School District.

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