Quick Answer: Where Is Lake Hartwell Located?

What town is Lake Hartwell in?

Is there an alligator in Lake Hartwell? The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said every few years they do have alligators turn up in the area.

How big is Lake Hartwell in Georgia?

Just off of I-85, at the South Carolina-Georgia border, you’ll find Lake Hartwell State Park. Thanks to 56,000-acre Lake Hartwell, fishing in this area is renowned by anglers across the state. The lake is inhabited by striped and hybrid bass, largemouth, crappie, bream and catfish.

Can you swim in Lake Hartwell?

Can you swim at Lake Hartwell State Park? Yes, swimming is allowed. There is not a designated swimming area, or any lifeguards, so swimming is at your own risk.

What animals live in Lake Hartwell?

Unique Features

  • Significant Features: The park provides access to 56,000-acre Lake Hartwell. The lake is popular for fishing, boating and other water activities.
  • Wildlife: Wildlife that may be seen on the park include coyotes, deer, skunk, groundhogs and foxes.

Are there snakes in Lake Hartwell?

The venomous snakes typically found around Hartwell Lake are Copperheads, Timber and Pigmy Rattlesnakes, all of which are “pit vipers”. Pit viper means they have two heat sensory pits on the front of their head to detect heat from potential prey or predators.

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Did they find a bull shark in Lake Hartwell?

Bull shark caught and removed from Lake Hartwell by GA DNR. Bull shark caught and removed from Lake Hartwell by GA DNR. Likely there are a few more as Bull Sharks are one of the only shark species that tolerates freshwater.

Are there sharks in Lake Keowee?

It offers some of the best fishing in the south. “You’ll always get a handful of people who won’t do an ocean swim because of a fear of sharks,” he said, “but shark attacks are rare, too, and usually occur when it’s a lone surfer on the water.” There were six last year, including three on Lake Keowee.

Is Lake Hartwell safe?

“Statistically speaking, in both lake size and number of visitors, it is understandable that Hartwell has more fatalities than Keowee and Jocassee,” said Russell Wicke, a spokesman for the Corps’ Savannah District office, which monitors safety at Hartwell. Keowee has about 18,500 acres and 300 miles of shoreline.

What is Lake Hartwell known for?

Even though it’s one of the most popular lakes for competitive bass fishing, Lake Hartwell is also home to several species of fish including 5 types of bass, several types of catfish, some trout, crappie, walleye, bluegill, sunfish, warmouth, Texas shiner, carp, minnows, shad, pickerel, buffalo fish, paddlefish,

What is the deepest part of Lake Hartwell?

A Refreshing Swimming Spot In South Carolina, Lake Jocassee Has The Clearest, Most Pristine Water. Lake Jocassee encompasses a gorgeous 7,500 acres and offers up an average of 75 miles of shoreline, depending on the water level.

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What fish are biting on Lake Hartwell?

The Spotted and Largemouth Bass bite has continued to be really good with Spotted Bass biting early off of points and moving to deeper waters after the sun gets high. Many of the Spotted Bass can be found breaking on the points.

Is Lake Hartwell a good lake to live on?

One of the biggest man made lakes in the country, lots of dining by boat options, and don’t forget to visit the Clemson Tigers by boat. This lake is great for water sports or hanging on the white sand beaches with all of your friends! Be careful if you decide to come vacation hereyou might want to stay!

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