Quick Answer: What Lake Is Located At 41 Degrees North And 113 Degrees West?

What is 41 degrees north 74 degrees west?

Water Tower. Rome, Italy — Italy’s “Eternal City” is one of the world’s most historic and interesting places.

Where is 41 degrees north 70 degrees west?

Nantucket Diamond collection is a tribute to the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Island – 41 degrees north, 70 degrees west.

What city is located at 41 N 74?

18-Feb-2001 — The meridians of 41 North Latitude, 74 degrees West Longitude intersect in my hometown of Old Tappan, New Jersey.

What city is located at 40 degrees north and 75 degrees west?

The country club is located in Riverton, a wooded, largely commuter suburb for Trenton, New Jersey, and metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What city is 1 degree north and 104 degrees east?

According to Google Earth Pro, 1°N, 104°E is in the sea! The nearest city appears to be Batam City.

What cities are 41 degrees north?

Chicago, IL, USA — The juggernaut of the American Midwest, Chicago has one of the world’s most beautiful skylines.

  • Water Tower. Rome, Italy — Italy’s “Eternal City” is one of the world’s most historic and interesting places.
  • Piazza Tritona.
  • Sagrada Familia.
  • Blue Mosque.
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What city is 28 degrees north and 77 degrees east?

On the way we passed Gurgaon, the new upcoming suburb of Delhi.

What is the nearest city in 12 S 77 W?

The city located at 12 degrees south latitude and 77 degrees west longitude is Lima, Peru. Explanation:Lima is the capital of Peru, as well as the largest city in the country.

What is the nearest city of 36 N 140 E?

Explanation: If you look world map you can see this is city of Tokyo in Japan.

What country is 56 degrees north and 38 degrees east?

Russia. The exact point is a bit to the northeast of Moscow.

What is the latitude and longitude of Chicago Illinois?

Satellite Map of Tampa, FL, USA Tampa, FL, USA is located at United States country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 27° 57′ 50.9652” N and 82° 27′ 9.3816” W.

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