Question: Where Is Quilotoa Lake Located?

What city is lake Quilotoa in?

Located in central Ecuador in the middle of the Andes mountain range, Laguna Quilotoa (the Quilotoa Lagoon) is extremely remote – to get here requires a nearly two-hour drive into the middle of the remote mountains from the nearest large city of Latacunga.

Where is Quilotoa located?

Quilotoa is a truncated, dacitic cone that is the westernmost of Ecuador’s Andean volcanoes. It is located at the margin of the Western Cordillera, 35 km WNW of the city of Latacunga and contains a 3-km-wide caldera with steep-sided walls that rise 400 m above the surface of 240-m-deep caldera lake.

Can you swim in Quilotoa lake?

QUILOTOA CRATER LAKE This lake sits 12,500 feet above sea level. Many people who make the trek find themselves getting dizzy. The water itself is also highly acidic and quite cold. You can go boating on it, but swimming is a big no-no.

How do you get to Quilotoa lake?

A good option to get to Quilotoa volcano and its lagoon is through a private vehicle. From Quito the distance to Quilotoa is approximately 178 km. First, from the city of Quito, you must go to the city of Latacunga through the Pan-American Highway. This section of the trip can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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Are there fish in quilotoa?

No fish or aquatic life exist in the water other than a few types of micro-organisms and algae. Locals say you can swim in the water, but it remains exceedingly cold at 11,483 feet elevation. Some hot springs appear in the form of escaping gas bubbles in some areas of the lake.

What can be done in quilotoa?

Top 7 things to do in Quilotoa

  • Visit the Shalalá and Quilotoa lookout points.
  • Walk to Quilotoa lagoon.
  • Visit a Quilotoa artisan workshop in the community of Tigua.
  • Visit the Toachi river canyon.
  • Walk around the lagoon – the ” Quilotoa Loop “
  • Go kayaking in the lagoon.
  • Camp in the Quilotoa.

How safe is Ecuador?

The short answer is YES, Ecuador is safe, as long as you take proper care. Ecuador is as safe as most other developing countries, and cities like Quito to be as safe as most major cities in the world, but with the general proviso that you should always travel with care and common sense, and be streetwise.

How tall is quilotoa?

HOW MANY DAYS YOU NEED FOR QUILOTOA TREK. The whole loop is around 40 km long, and to finish it, it takes anything from two to five days, depending on your starting point and walking speed.

Can you swim in a volcano?

The answer is yes, even if it contradicts the common sense. There is a unique type called mud volcanoes that do not erupt melted rocks but a mixture of mud, water, and gas.

How high is Cotopaxi National Park?

The national park boundaries encompass an area of 128.9 square miles (333.9 sq km). Cotopaxi is the second-highest peak in the country with a height of 19,347 feet (5,897 m).

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How do I get to Cotopaxi from Quito?

How to Get from Quito to Cotopaxi National Park

  1. By Private Transfer. Duration: 2 hours (accessing northern entrance)
  2. By Train and Bus. Duration: 2.5 hours one-way, 8 hours round trip (accessing Areá Nacional de Recreación El Boliche)
  3. By Bus and On Foot. Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours (accessing southern/Control Caspi entrance)

What is Quito’s elevation?

Quito, in full Villa de San Francisco de Quito, city and capital of Ecuador. It is situated on the lower slopes of the volcano Pichincha, which last erupted in 1666, in a narrow Andean valley at an elevation of 9,350 feet (2,850 metres), just south of the Equator.

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