Question: What Lake Is The Villages Located On?

What is wrong with The Villages in Florida?

Sinkholes. Sinkholes aren’t just a problem for The Villages, they occur in other places in Florida too. But over the last decade or so it seems like The Villages has seen more than its fair share of sinkholes following long periods of either very dry or very wet weather.

What is the nicest village in The Villages?

Village of Duval is the best area for you to live in if you want to have the best proximity to anything and everything in The Villages. This neighborhood is the biggest in The Villages with 1,550 homes. It started in 2006, and construction was completed in 2008.

Is Lake Sumter man made?

Lake Sumter is man-made and was created when the area was developed.

Is there a lot of STDS in The Villages Florida?

As far as the numbers/percentages are concerned, you can see for yourself on the Florida Department of Health website that the disease totals in all three counties that make up The Villages combine to be just a very small percentage of STD’s in the state.

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Do The Villages have HOA fees?

There are no HOA fees, there are two separate organizations (one pro residents and one pro developer) which you can join but it’s only $10 per year or something like that. The $145 per month ammenity fee covers the executive golf courses, pools (except for those at country clubs) rec centers.

How much does a house in The Villages cost?

The typical home value of homes in The Villages is $311,356. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. The Villages home values have gone up 3.2% over the past year.

What town is closest to The Villages in Florida?

The Villages is approximately 45 miles northwest of Orlando, via Florida’s Turnpike.

When did Lake Sumter Landing open?

“It will be a drawing attraction for all types.” It has been 15 years since the lakefront downtown of Lake Sumter Landing opened to the community. And today, the area’s lighthouse glows just as brightly as it did in 2004, with no signs of dimming any time soon.

Can you buy a house in The Villages under 55?

AGE RESTRICTIONS You do not have to be 55 or older to buy a home in The Villages. By law only 80% of at least one resident must be 55 or older to qualify for a 55+ community.

How much are property taxes in The Villages in Florida?

Property Taxes Property taxes are based on the selling price of the home. The Villages Florida is located in 3 counties with rate ranging from $13 (Sumter County) to $18 (Lake County) per thousand. If you are a full time resident you qualify for a homestead exemption that is currently $50,000.

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What airport do you fly into for The Villages in Florida?

The nearest airport to The Villages is Orlando Sanford (SFB) Airport which is 45 miles away. Other nearby airports include Orlando (MCO) (52.9 miles), Tampa (TPA) (75.2 miles), Jacksonville (JAX) (109.5 miles) and Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) (113.5 miles).

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