Often asked: Where Is Toledo Bend Lake Located?

Where is Toledo lake located?

Toledo Bend Reservoir is a reservoir on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. The lake has an area of 185,000 acres (749 kmĀ²), the largest man-made body of water partially in both Louisiana and Texas, the largest in the South, and the fifth largest by surface acre in the United States.

What town is Toledo Bend in?

Toledo Bend Lake stretches for miles along the Sabine River as the largest man-made lake in the south, forming part of the boundary between the states of Texas and Louisiana.

How deep is the deepest part of Toledo Bend lake?

It seriously is paradise in the deep south. And even though, Wikipedia has stated that Toledo Bend has alligators, I have never seen one. Toledo Bend is huge. It is 1,200 miles of shoreline between Texas and Louisiana, making it the largest man-made lake in the south.

Are there sharks in Toledo Bend?

You won’t find any Greenland sharks in Toledo Bend, but there are plenty of anglers living in the Toledo Bend area that take advantage of a trip to the Gulf to fish. The Greenland Shark takes the prize as the earths longest-lived vertebrate, or an animal with a backbone.

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Can you swim in Toledo Bend Lake?

Can you swim at Toledo Bend Lake? Toledo Bend Lake is one of the most refreshing lakes to visit between Texas & Louisiana. The lake location is outstanding and makes a beautiful place for swimming and other recreational pursuits, including fishing, boating, water sporting, and more.

Where is the best fishing on Toledo Bend?

Stretching along the Louisiana-Texas boundary, on the Sabine River, is a reservoir that offers some of the best fishing in the country. South Toledo Bend State Park offers camping and an opportunity to catch a lunker on Toledo Bend Reservoir. Fishing on Toledo Bend means big catches!

What is the deepest part of Toledo Bend?

34 m

What’s the only natural Lake in Texas?

A lot of Texans consider it common knowledge that there’s only one natural lake in the state. It’s Caddo Lake in East Texas, and it straddles the Texas/Louisiana state line.

Are there alligators in Caddo Lake?

Alligators live in the park; read our alligator safety tips before your visit. Fish: Access the 26,810-acre Caddo Lake, which harbors more than 70 species of fish. Rent a canoe in the park or bring your own canoe or kayak.

What are the fish biting on at Toledo Bend?

While bass fishing is by far the most popular activity on Toledo Bend, anglers will also find other species such as crappie, bream, carp, buffalo, white bass, striped bass and catfish in abundance.

Can you fish the Texas side of Toledo Bend with a Louisiana fishing license?

A fishing license is required when fishing on Toledo Bend Reservoir. Since the lake is bounded by both Texas and Louisiana, a fishing license from either state is valid for residents of either state fishing on any part of the lake (not from the shoreline!).

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What is special about Toledo Bend?

Toledo Bend is the largest man-made body of water in the South, and the fifth largest in surface acres in the United States. In all, the lake normally covers an area of 185,000 acres. The construction cost of about $70 million was shared equally by Texas and Louisiana.

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