Often asked: Where Is Logan Martin Lake Located?

What county is Logan Martin Lake in Alabama?

About Logan Martin Lake Located along Interstate 20, Logan Martin Lake sits about 30 miles east of Birmingham. This lake covers more than 15,000 acres and has about 270 miles of shoreline in St. Clair and Talladega counties.

How big is Lake Logan Martin in Alabama?

You don’t ever tell anybody,” said John Brannon who has lived along the lake for 31 years. State wildlife experts say reports of sightings in northern Alabama have become more common in recent years.

Is Logan Martin Lake at full pool?

Because Logan Martin is a reservoir, its levels fluctuate. In winter, at its lowest point, the make is 460 feet above sea level. In summer, at what is called full pool, the lake stands at 465 feet above sea level. Levels are controlled from Logan Martin Dam.

What is the dirtiest lake in Alabama?

Logan Martin Lake is a reservoir located in east central Alabama on the Coosa River approximately 30 miles (48 km) east of Birmingham, Alabama.

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Is it safe to eat fish from Logan Martin Lake?

Currently, there is a no-fish-consumption advisory for all species of fish in Choccolocco Creek, from Oxford to Logan Martin Lake, because of PCBs. Between Neely Henry Dam and Riverside, there is a fish consumption advisory for catfish weighing more than 1 pound because of the presence of PCBs.

What is the deepest part of Logan Martin Lake?

The park is open from sunrise to sunset. For more information about Logan Martin Dam Park, contact the park office at (205) 672-2332.

Who owns Laylake?

Lay Dam, located in Chilton and Coosa Counties near the town of Clanton, was the first hydroelectric plant built by Alabama Power Company. In service since 1914, this dam supplies hydroelectric power and fronts Lay Lake, a prime fishing and recreation destination in the state.

What kind of fish are in Logan Martin Lake?

The main draw at Logan Martin Lake is fishing for largemouth and spotted bass. Crappie, catfish sunfish, white bass, stripers and hybrid striped bass all thrive here and invite anglers to come enjoy the fishing.

Do lakes in Alabama have alligators?

American Alligators can be found throughout their range in freshwater swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes and streams. They prefer water sources that do not go dry in the summer months and that provide an abundance of food.

Are there alligators in Smith Lake Alabama?

Butler explained that alligators are very unlikely to find their way into Smith Lake by natural means, and that no alligators have been placed in the lake area by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Any alligators in this area will be released pets,” said Butler.

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What is the water temperature at Logan Martin Lake today?

The Lake Martin surface water temperature at 3:30 PM today is 83° Fahrenheit.

When was Logan Martin Lake created?

Logan Martin Lake is a 17,000-acre reservoir in St. Clair (to the west) and Talladega (to the east) Counties. It was created in 1965 when the Alabama Power Company built Logan Martin Dam on the Coosa River.

How deep is Logan Martin?

34 m

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