Often asked: Where Is Lake Palestine Located?

Is Lake Palestine safe to swim in?

There is no public swimming on Lake Palestine.

What counties is Lake Palestine in?

The lake is located in parts of four counties: Anderson, Cherokee, Henderson, and Smith. According to the Texas Water Development Board 2012 Survey, the storage capacity of Lake Palestine is 367,312 acre-feet with a surface area of 23,112 acres at the conservation pool elevation of 345 feet above mean sea level.

Can you ski on Lake Palestine?

The Lake Palestine Marina & Dock is located on the southwest shoreline at Lake Palestine Resort in Frankston, Texas. Bring your boat to Lake Palestine Resort and enjoy some amazing fishing, water skiing, boating and swimming.

Who owns Lake Palestine?

The dam is owned and operated by the Upper Neches River Authority for industrial, municipal, and recreational purposes. Construction of the original dam was started in 1960 and was completed on June 13, 1962; an enlargement project was begun in 1969 and completed on March 3, 1972.

Is there alligators in Lake Palestine?

Courtesy Alligator caught and killed in Upper Lake, Palestine. It’s safe to go back into Upper Lake now that its reptilian visitor is gone. A 10 1/2 foot alligator that was loose in the lake for more than two weeks was officially caught and killed, the city of Palestine announced Monday.

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Is Lake Palestine clean?

Visited Lake Palestine. There isn’t a lot of boat traffic and water is clean.

Is Lake Palestine open to the public?

Public Access Facilities Five public boat launches provide access to Lake Palestine. More than a dozen private marinas, motels and campgrounds offer additional ramps and other services. For details, choose a point on the map or a name in the chart below.

Is Lake Palestine a nice lake?

With a total length of 18 miles, 135 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 16.25 ft, Lake Palestine offers plenty of room for fishing, boating, skiing and much more! The water is clear and with a good number of coves that provide good protection from the wind.

Is Lake Palestine a constant level lake?

Lake Palestine is formed by an earthfill dam approximately 5,720 feet long and 75 feet high above streambed with the top of dam at the elevation of 364 feet above mean sea level. Maximum design water surface may reach to 355.3 feet above mean sea level.

Where can I fish in Lake Palestine?

Fishing Cover/Structure Most vegetation and inundated timber are located above the Texas Highway 155 bridge in the main lake, Highsaw and Ledbetter arms, in Kickapoo and Neches River arms and in Flat Creek.

Is Lake Palestine man made?

Construction of the original dam was begun in 1960, and completed in 1962. Today, Lake Palestine is formed by the earthfilled Blackburn Crossing Dam, and is used for water conservation, recreation, and wildlife preservation. The dam is 75 feet high, and has a length of 5,720 feet.

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Is Palestine Texas above sea level?

147 m

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