Often asked: Where Is Goose Lake, Il Located?

How big is Goose Lake in Illinois?

Description: Goose Lake is one of the smaller impoundments in the Mazonia North Unit at 9.8 surface acres. Due to its proximity to the main access road, it receives a fair amount of bank fishing pressure.

Is Goose Lake the cleanest lake in Illinois?

Note that Lincoln Lake is considered the second clearest lake in the state, Goose Lake is third and Beaver Lake is the fifth clearest. These ratings are figured on the 170 private lakes in the state who are in the program (out of 3000 lakes total).

Can you swim in Goose Lake?

Goose Lake is a popular fishing, boating and swimming lake. It is especially good for children. The lake is stocked with fish several times a season. The day use area has parking, picnic tables, a vault toilet and a boat ramp.

Is Goose Lake dried up?

Several lakes straddling the California–Oregon border are ephemeral. One of them, Goose Lake has a long history of filling and then drying out. In years with low precipitation or drought conditions, the lake can have a lower water level and even dry up, as was the case this year.

Are there fish in Goose Lake Oregon?

The Goose Lake basin is home to four endemic fish taxa: the Goose Lake redband trout, lamprey, sucker, and tui chub. Endemic fishes of the Goose Lake basin split their life histories between Goose Lake and its tributaries, as opposed to the five native but non-endemic species that primarily occupy stream habitats.

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Are dogs allowed at Goose Lake?

Goose Lake State Recreation Area is a beautiful campground on the California-Oregon border. The campground has an off-leash area where your dog can run and play to their heart’s content. You can also take your dog for an on-leash walk on the Pine Creek Trail, which goes in a loop around the campground.

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