Often asked: What Town Is Silver Lake Sand Dunes Located In?

What town is Silver Lake Sand Dunes in?

The dunes span the Lake Michigan beach towns of Mears, Hart, and Pentwater. To their west is the vast Lake Michigan; nestled on their eastern side is the near-700-acre Silver Lake. Tourists from all over the world arrive to ride the only dunes east of the Mississippi open to privately-owned off-road vehicles (ORVs).

Where are the Michigan dunes?

These massive dunes are nestled along the shore of Lake Michigan and Silver Lake —the only sand dunes in Michigan where you can drive your own ORV—and miles of pristine shoreline beaches designed for pure family fun and adventure.

Can you swim at Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Located in the quaint village of Pentwater along Lake Michigan shoreline. Enjoy this very popular sandy beach! Facilities include swimming area, picnic tables, children’s play area, and restrooms.

How much does it cost to get into Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Access to the ORV Area and Dunes is stopped 1/2 hour ahead of closing time, every evening. Current vehicle permits are required on all vehicles using the area. The permit price is $26.25. All motor vehicles entering the Park must display a Michigan State Park Motor Vehicle Permit.

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What is there to do at Silver Lake?

Things to Do at Silver Lake Sand Dunes: The Ultimate Pure Michigan Guide

  • Trek the Dunes on Foot or Board. Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Photo Courtesy of Instagram Fan guth.co.
  • Drive the Dunes.
  • Ride The Dunes.
  • Play in the Water.
  • Climb a Lighthouse.
  • Release your Inner Adrenaline Junkie.
  • Enjoy a Festival.
  • Explore Fall Colors.

Is Silver Lake safe to swim in?

Swimming is restricted to the bathing beach area and only when life guards are on duty. Lake Swimming: With advance approval of Park Management, one (1) swimmer may swim across the Lake when accompanied by a row boat manned by one (1) qualified SLE Lifeguard.

How deep is Silver Lake in Mears Michigan?

Silver Lake is relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of depth of 23 feet and a mean depth of 16.2 feet (Fusilier 2001), with approximately 4.2 miles of shoreline.

How do you get into Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

You can bring your own vehicle or rent one from several businesses in the area. Access is through the State Park, and there is an entrance fee. See the Silver Lake State Park information page or call (231) 873-3083 for more information on fees and State Park ORV rules.

What is the largest sand dune on Lake Michigan?

Nearly 2,000 acres of moving sand, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes are said to be the largest living dunes found along Lake Michigan.

Why does Lake Michigan have sand?

In Michigan, sand dunes are found along much of the shoreline of the Great Lakes. These inland dunes reflect previous dune-forming conditions. These dunes are a result of massive ice sheets which covered Michigan, and much of North America, during what geologists call the Pleistocene Epoch, some 1,800,000 years ago.

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What is there to do in Sleeping Bear dunes?

Things To Do

  • Cruise the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail.
  • Camp in the Lakeshore.
  • Paddle deep waters.
  • Take in the view from the Scenic Drive.
  • Discover more at a ranger-led program.
  • Clamber up the Dune Climb.
  • Watch a blacksmith at work.
  • Find your zen at an inland lake.

Is Silver Lake dirty?

Overall, swimming beaches around Puget Sound consistently get a clean bill of health. But Silver Lake is one of a handful of Puget Sound swimming areas that show signs of chronic pollution that could send swimmers home with a bad case of diarrhea.

Is there public access to Silver Lake?

From I-5 take exit 49, go east on SR 504 7.2 miles, turn right on Kerr Road, go 0.5 miles to access. Public fishing, boat access, and fishing dock.

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