Often asked: What Is Located At 1000 Lake Sumter Landing In The Villages, Fl?

What is the nicest village in The Villages?

Village of Duval is the best area for you to live in if you want to have the best proximity to anything and everything in The Villages. This neighborhood is the biggest in The Villages with 1,550 homes. It started in 2006, and construction was completed in 2008.

What is the oldest neighborhood in The Villages florida?

The Oldest Villages Town Square – Spanish Springs Town Square.

What is the most expensive village in The Villages?

Most expensive The Villages neighborhoods

  • E County Rd 466 / County Rd 103.
  • Sunset Harbor / Orange Blossom Hills.

What is the best town square in The Villages?

The residents of the Villages, Florida will tell you that the Spanish Springs® Town Square is one of the top hotspots in the community. With its Southwestern feel, this area is unique in its own way with tree-lined streets and fountains throughout brimming with top entertainment and places for locals to explore.

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What is wrong with The Villages in Florida?

Sinkholes. Sinkholes aren’t just a problem for The Villages, they occur in other places in Florida too. But over the last decade or so it seems like The Villages has seen more than its fair share of sinkholes following long periods of either very dry or very wet weather.

Do The Villages have HOA fees?

There are no HOA fees, there are two separate organizations (one pro residents and one pro developer) which you can join but it’s only $10 per year or something like that. The $145 per month ammenity fee covers the executive golf courses, pools (except for those at country clubs) rec centers.

Is there a lot of STDS in The Villages florida?

As far as the numbers/percentages are concerned, you can see for yourself on the Florida Department of Health website that the disease totals in all three counties that make up The Villages combine to be just a very small percentage of STD’s in the state.

What are the disadvantages of living in a village?

Disadvantages of living in the towns

  • There are not as many amenities as in city life.
  • Opportunities in the villages are also scarce.
  • If you do not have acquaintances in a town, job opportunities or success may also be scarce.
  • Few educational advantages.
  • Worse or lower quality job opportunities.
  • Life in a town can be boring.

What is the newest section of The Villages in Florida?

The Village of Fenney – The Villages® Newest Neighborhood.

What is the newest village in The Villages florida?

Welcome to The Village of Fenney! The Villages’ newest neighborhood — nestled in an “old-Florida” natural setting — features unique recreation centers, four executive golf courses, dining, a nature preserve, walking trails, parks, putting courses and a resort-style pool with a beach-entry feature and a nearby fire pit.

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What is the bond at The Villages florida?

It is paid annually in your Property tax bill and will range from $220 to a $1,000 a year. Again, the older the home the lower the CDD will be. You can look up the bond amount and CDD assessment by street name. The Villages Florida provides water, sewer and trash.

Does The Villages have a downtown?

Does The Villages have a downtown district? We’re so glad you asked! The Villages has 3 uniquely themed town squares where residents and visitors enjoy free nightly entertainment every day of the year. Each square has shopping, dining and entertainment and a unique and interesting historical theme.

Do villages have town squares?

There are now three vibrant town squares in The Villages; Spanish Springs Town Square, Brownwood Paddock Square and Lake Sumter Landing Market Square. There are also a variety of restaurants, bars and retail shops along with three sets of movie theaters, one in each square.

What towns are in The Villages?


  • Spanish Springs Town Square.
  • Brownwood Paddock Square.
  • Lake Sumter Landing Market Square.

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