Often asked: Lake Panasufkhee Is Located Where?

What county is Lake Panasoffkee FL in?

There is a beach area of 920′ and a designated swim area of 185′ and a free-standing shower to rinse off.

How many acres is Lake Panasoffkee Florida?

Lake Panasoffkee is a 4,460-acre Fish Management Area located by the town of Lake Panasoffkee. Panasoffkee is genuinely unusual, a natural spring-fed lake, water depths seldom exceed four feet. Lake Panasoffkee connects to the Withlacoochee River, which is well over 157 miles long, flowing out to the Gulf of Mexico.

Are there alligators in Lake Panasoffkee?

In Lake Panasoffkee according to FWC, there are over a 1,000 Alligators not counting juvenile and babies.

Is Lake Panasoffkee a city?

With 3,197 people, Lake Panasoffkee is the 559th most populated city in the state of Florida out of 919 cities. But watch out, Lake Panasoffkee, because Frostproof with 3,191 people and Hilliard with 3,189 people are right behind you.

What kind of fish are in Lake Panasoffkee Florida?

Lake Panasoffkee has been famed for excellent Bluegill and Red-Ear Sunfish (shellcracker) fishing for many years. Summer is a good time to catch Bluegill on Lake Panasoffkee.

Where did Lake Panasoffkee get its name?

Panasoffkee, meaning “Valley of Water” in the Indian Language, was settled around 1880. A map in a geography book at that time showed the name of Tracy’s Point printed larger than that of Jacksonville.

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Are there alligators in Lake Rousseau Florida?

Alligators are abundant on Lake Rousseau and are in all areas around the nesting rookeries, protecting the birds from predators such as raccoons, snakes and other animals that might take eggs or young from their nests.

Are there alligators in Lake Griffin Florida?

Lake Griffin has one of the state’s largest alligator populations. Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission biologists estimate there are 109 gators for each mile of shoreline. Because the lake has a 40-mile circumference, that works out to about 4,300 alligators.

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