FAQ: Where Is Wauconda Kansas Located Under The Lake?

How many acres is Lake Waconda?

When full, Waconda Lake has a surface area of 12,602 acres (51.00 km2), a surface elevation of 1,456 feet (444 m), and a volume of 219,420 acre-feet (270,650,000 m3).

Where is Lake Waconda in Kansas?

Located in north central Kansas in the heart of the Solomon River Valley, Waconda Lake is located within close visual range of U.S. Highway 24. It is 12 miles west of Beloit, Kansas, and just east of Cawker City, Kansas. Glen Elder, Waconda Lake and Glen Elder State Park await your arrival.

What does WA Con Da mean?

waconda in British English or wahconda (wɑːˈkɒndə) noun. (in Native American culture) the supreme spirit.

What county is Glen Elder KS in?

How big is Glen Elder Reservoir in Kansas?

On the north shores of 12,500-acre Glen Elder Reservoir (Waconda Lake), one of Kansas’ largest lakes, Glen Elder State Park offers nearly unlimited recreational opportunities. With its rural setting, Glen Elder is a perfect place to relax.

Is Waconda Lake open?

**Waconda Lake is.2′ above conservation pool** ALL facilities are OPEN.

Are Kansas state parks open for camping?

All state park facilities are open.

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What is the zip code for Glen Elder Kansas?

Elder, Jr., Odum Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a prominent figure in the development of life course theory, methods, and research. He studies individuals and groups of people (i.e. birth cohort, etc.)

In what county is Beloit KS?

Mitchell County (MC), Kansas, Government – Most government offices are located in the county courthouse conveniently located in Beloit, the county seat, at 111 South Hersey St. Beloit is located on State highways 9, 14, and 24, and is: 50 minutes from Interstate 70. 30 minutes from Interstate 135 / US Highway 81.

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