FAQ: Where Is Turtle Lake Around Bemidji Mn Located?

Where is Big Turtle Lake mn?

Big Turtle Lake is located 8 miles north of Bemidji, MN in Cass County. It covers an irregular shaped lake covering 1594 acres with a maximum depth of 45 feet (Table 1). Big Turtle Lake has one inlet and one outlet, which classify it as a drainage lake (Figure 1).

How deep is Turtle Lake in minnesota?

Turtle Lake is located about a mile north of Marcell, MN, within the Bigfork River Watershed and the Chippewa National Forest. The 2,052 acre lake has a maximum depth of 137 feet.

Does Turtle Lake have a beach?

Park amenities Large playground. Play field with backstop. Unguarded swimming beach. Boat launch.

Is Turtle Lake clean?

“This lake is clean and nice to fish. Lots of bluegill and bass! The boatramp area isn’t very user-friendly and the parking is rather poor;however, I would still strongly recommend this lake to anyone wanting to just catch fish.”

How big is Turtle Lake in MN?

Boat Access: The County owned access to this lake is located at the south east corner of the lake in Turtle Lake County Park. This is a very popular lake and the access is often full on weekends.

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How many acres is Turtle Lake browerville MN?


How many acres is Turtle Lake?

With its astonishing 15′ water clarity, 140′ depth, 7 islands and many bays, Turtle Lake is in a class of its own. The lake is 2066 acres, the perfect size for spending the day on the water without getting bored by seeing the same shoreline over and over again.

What kind of fish are in Turtle Lake Saskatchewan?

Turtle Lake has several species of fish, including Sturgeon, Northern Pike (Jackfish), Walleye and Whitefish.

What county is Walworth WI in?

Walworth County

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