FAQ: Where Is Sweet Smell Music Camp Exactly Located Somewhere Near Shaver Lake, Fresno Co., Ca?

Is Camp Edison in Shaver Lake open?

Welcome to Camp Edison We built Camp Edison in 1963 in a pine forest on the western shores of Shaver Lake, California. Our 252 campsites are available to the public and they include electricity. WiFi is also available at an additional cost. We’re open year-round.

Did Camp Edison Shaver Lake burn down?

The small town of Shaver Lake in Fresno County has been spared from the devastating Creek Fire – Opens in new window, the largest single fire in California history at more than 379,000 acres.

Is Shaver Lake still open?

The lake is open year around for fishing and state fishing regulations apply. Nearby creeks and streams also have seasonal closures. Hiking and Equestrian Trails Numerous hiking trails can be found along the shore of Shaver Lake. Check at Camp Edison for information on hiking trails.

Does Shaver Lake have bathrooms?

First the positives: beautiful camp ground, spacious sites, clean restrooms (they are pit pots though), lake is close.

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Do you have to pay to go to Shaver Lake?

There are no fees for use of ramps or parking facilities. The County of Fresno leases the Shaver Lake property from Southern California Edison and does not control access to the boat launch ramp or parking lots.

Can you have a campfire at Shaver Lake?

Dispersed Camping is allowed in the National Forest except in the area surrounding Huntington Lake, Shaver Lake, Bass Lake, Redinger Lake, and the Merced River Canyon. Campfire permits are required at all times whenever you plan to have a fire on public land outside of a developed campground.

Are there bears at Camp Edison?

I’ve never seen any here, though it’s always a possibility in the high sierras. However, it’s not common in this area to see them at the campground. They don’t require or have bear boxes at the sites either, and they would if bears were an issue:) over a year ago.

Can you swim in Shaver Lake?

Resting at an elevation of 5,300 feet, Shaver Lake offers relief from oppressive summer heat of the San Joaquin Valley. Shaver Lake’s balmy 78-degree average high temperatures are perfect for swimming, lounging on the beach, and a myriad of water sports.

Did China Peak Ski Resort burned?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The Creek Fire damaged part of China Peak Mountain Resort near Huntington Lake and ignited a bunker of explosives as it tore through the area, according to resort management. Owner Tim Cohee says the employee housing at China Peak was damaged by flames.

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Did Shaver Lake Marina burn down?

Firefighters working in steep terrain through Sunday night saved Shaver Lake from flames roaring down hillsides toward a marina in the Sierra mountains of central California. Sheriff’s deputies went door to door to make sure residents were complying with orders to leave.

What causes Shaver Lake fire?

The fire began around 6:40 PM PDT on Friday, September 4, 2020, in the Big Creek drainage area between Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake, California. Driven by powerful diurnal upcanyon winds within the San Joaquin River drainage, the Creek Fire quickly became a firestorm.

Is the road to Courtright Reservoir Open 2021?

Sierra National Forest Reports Courtright Reservoir Road is Now Open. The road is open to the boat launch area, and the lake is available for fishing and boating activity only.

Does Shaver Lake have a beach?

“Shaver Lake Watersports is a great place to go! The lake is great, and the beaches are beautiful. You can canoe, kayak, jet ski, wave run, and boat.

Are there bears in Shaver Lake CA?

Having bears wander into campsites and wildness communities like Shaver Lake isn’t unique. Fidler says he gets reports of one or two bears around Shaver Lake every year. “They cause some trouble, but for the most part they’re just looking for food,” he says.

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