FAQ: Where Is Lake Maligne Located?

Can you swim in Maligne Lake?

While its azure -blue waters can be cold for swimming, there are plenty of other activities to do in the Maligne Valley including hiking Bald and Opal Hills, biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and boat tours to Spirit Island.

How do you get to Maligne Lake?

At Maligne Lake you can walk the lakeshore, enjoy a forest trail or hike to the top of an easy peak. From Highway16, turn onto the Maligne Road 1.9 km east of Jasper. The lake is at road’s end, 47 km from town. Check your fuel gauge; there are no gas stations on this road.

Who owns Maligne Lake?

Seven years later, Brewster sold the Maligne Lake camp to Calgarian Ken Lucas, who owned it for seven years before selling to Bill Ruddy.

What is the size of Maligne Lake?

Maligne Lake is so worth it. You won’t regret it at all. The boat ride to Spirit Island is informational and you get a good history of the area.

Is Maligne Lake busy?

Maligne does get crowded with tourists but it’s a big lake (22 km) so you can easily find a space of your own to enjoy this magnificent lake in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

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Is the road to Maligne Lake paved?

The Maligne Lake road is paved and just fine with a regular vehicle – as is the Moraine Lake road and any other road that is open to vehicles in Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Do you need a park pass for Maligne Lake?

You do not need a separate pass for each park. You can visit all the Rocky Mountain Parks such as Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke, Glacier, Waterton Lakes and Elk Island National Parks with the same pass. As long as it is valid for the total number of days you will be visiting.

Is the road to Maligne Lake open?

Maligne Lake road is OPEN! Please drive carefully. The speed limit in the National Parks is 90 km/h on major routes and 60 km/h on secondary roads.

Is Maligne Lake frozen?

No, it’s not. Have a closer look at the webcam image – you can see ice on the lake; there is only a bit of open water along the shore. It’s usually the end of May or beginning of June before the lake is completely ice-free.

Why is it called Maligne Lake?

Maligne Lake, as well as Maligne River, Maligne Mountain, and Maligne Pass, takes its name from the French word for malignant or wicked. It is also possible that early French traders applied the name to the river for its treacherous confluence with the Athabasca River.

Why is Spirit Island famous?

This landmark is the destination of boat trips across Maligne Lake, a view many people associate with the Canadian Rockies. Spirit Island enjoys worldwide reputation, and is one of the most famous and photographed views of the Canadian Rockies. Maligne Lake boat cruises offer close views of the island.

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Is Maligne Lake a hike?

Maligne Lake is an exceptional area for hiking. With trails that vary from peaceful, short walks in the woods to steep, steady uphill grinds, the one thing they all have in common is amazing scenery. So explore your way and when you’re ready for a break, join us at the lake.

Are dogs allowed at Maligne Lake?

Pack a life-jacket for your pet and take the scenic drive to Maligne Lake. Rowboat rentals are available to book at the lakeshore, and dogs are allowed on board. Afterwards, grab a bite to go from the Waffle House and wander along the lakeside trail.

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