FAQ: Where Is Gary Vaillancourt Houseboat Located On Great Slave Lake?

Do people still live in houseboats on Great Slave Lake?

Yellowknife’s houseboat community is truly living off the grid. It began in the early 1980’s when one or two families built their own houseboats on old river barges.

Do people still live on Great Slave Lake?

Today, the Great Slave Lake shoreline is home to more than half the Northwest Territories’ population, living in five communities.

What happened to Ice Lake Rebels?

The locally-shot reality TV show has been cancelled. If you’ve been a steadfast fan of the cinematically rich reality show Ice Lake Rebels over the past two seasons, you will be disappointed to discover that it hasn’t been renewed for a third.

Why did Pike Mike leave Ice Lake Rebels?

On Saturday morning, the Department of Health and Social Services issued a release naming and shaming “Pike” Mike Harrison, a star of the reality TV series Ice Lake Rebels, for violating a ban on travel into the N.W.T.

What lake was ice lake rebels?

Ice Lake Rebels is a reality TV show about houseboat dwellers in Great Slave Lake.

How many seasons are there of Ice Lake rebels?


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