FAQ: What Lake Is Located At 70n 40w?

What city is 41 degrees north and 104 degrees west?

Cheyenne, WY, USA is located at United States country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 41° 9′ 39.8844” N and 104° 48′ 19.6200” W.

What country is 60 N 95 W?

The CIA World Factbook uses “60 00 N, 95 00 W” as the geographic coordinates of Canada.

What country is 20 S 140 E?

What continent is at coordinates 20 degrees South and 140 degrees East? The continent as well as the flag state of Australia is located at the co-ordinates that were stated by the OP in the question.

What continent is 20 S 140 E?

Northern Australia is at 20 degrees south and 140 degrees east.

What country is 20 N 80 E?

It is India, which is both a prominent country and subcontinent of Eurasia.

Is it possible for a city to be at 115s 38 W?

No. Therefore nothing can be more north/south (have a latitude of more than 90 north/south) than the poles.

What city has the coordinates 51 N 0?

London is located on the latitude 51 degree North and the longitude 0 degree West. It is located on the Temperate Zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle on the Northern Hemisphere..

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What state would you be in if you were located at N 45 30ʹ0ʺ W 69 0ʹ0ʺ?

Answer: You would be in Maine.

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