FAQ: Patoka Lake Village In Indiana Located Near What Community?

What town is Patoka Lake in?

The lake is located just south of the historic towns of French Lick and West Baden, and just east of historic Jasper.

What is there to do in Patoka Lake?


  • Patoka Lake Winery (Wickliffe) – Tasting room open daily.
  • Abbeydell Hall (French Lick) – Family dinner theater (or show only).
  • Paoli Peaks (Paoli) – Ski, ride, tube!
  • Dubois County Museum (Jasper)
  • French Lick West Baden Museum (French Lick)

Is there a lake in French Lick Indiana?

Patoka Lake is close to French Lick West Baden and has it all! The 8,800-acre man-made lake is a joint venture between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

What counties is Patoka Lake in?

Patoka Lake, the second-largest reservoir in the state, is located in Dubois, Crawford and Orange counties in southern Indiana on the Patoka River.

Is Patoka Lake a flooded town?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns all 26,000 acres, but about 16,000 acres are leased and managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The lake’s foremost purpose is flood control, to protect downstream communities on the Patoka River from flooding. The lake intensifies the meaning of life for some.

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Why is Patoka Lake so low?

Patoka Lake’s level varies based on rainfall. The lake can handle most rain events, and the Corps of Engineers manages the lake level to avoid flooding. Infrequently the lake gets high, but even when it does you can still find easy access and use the lake.

Can you kayak on Patoka Lake?

(PATOKA LAKE) – Bring your kayak and join the naturalist for the final kayak tour of the season on Sunday, September 29, at 10:30 a.m. at South Lick Fork Boat Ramp on Highway 164. Non-motorized boat launch permits are required and will be sold at the event for $5.

What kind of fish are in Patoka Lake?

Fishing for largemouth bass, channel catfish, white crappie, walleye, bluegill, redear sunfish, white bass, wipers and striped bass at Patoka Lake in Indiana. Located in the south central part of the state, and 3 miles north of Eckerty, Patoka Lake boasts 8,800 surface acres of boating and fishing fun.

What is the deepest part of Patoka Lake?

The gender of lac is masculine. E.g. le lac.

Is Hardy Lake open?

Hardy Lake has a 740 acre lake with great fishing and it allows water skiing. It has hiking trails, beach, picnic area, and 2 campgrounds. Both campgrounds are open year round with electric available at each site in Shale Bluff Campground.

How deep is the Patoka Lake in Indiana?

The lake was created by damming the Patoka River about 118.3 miles (190.4 km) above its mouth with the Patoka Lake Dam, a 145-feet-high rockfill earthen dam. The lake and dam is still managed by a cooperative management team of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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What happened at Patoka Lake?

DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind. — A large fire at Patoka Lake in southern Indiana destroyed nearly a dozen boats and damaged several others Friday morning. According to Dubois County Dispatch, fire crews were dispatched to the Hoosier Hills Marina around 9 a.m. Once on scene, crews discovered several houseboats engulfed in flames.

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