FAQ: For Lake St Clair, Which Of The Following Is A Conspicuous Landmark Located On Stony Point?

Where is lake Saint Clair located?

Lake St. Clair is a freshwater lake that lies between the Province of Ontario and the State of Michigan. It is part of the Great Lakes system, and along with the St Clair River and Detroit River, Lake St. Clair connects Lake Huron (to its north) with Lake Erie (to its south).

What is the elevation of Lake St Clair?

Known as the “Heart of the Great Lakes,” Lake St. Clair is part of the Lake Erie basin and is nestled between the St. Clair River and the Detroit River systems. At only 430 square miles in surface area with an average depth of 11 feet, Lake St.

Where are the dumping grounds in Lake St Clair?

They are located on the boarder and are in US waters. The dumps are located in the southern end of the lake. It is handy to have the GPS in case you don’t have a Canadian fishing license you don’t want to go over the boarder accidentally and fish without it.

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Why is Lake St Clair so dirty?

Clair. The sanitary and storm sewer system for Oakland and Macomb Counties is a contributor to the unsafe water conditions in Lake St. The biggest contributor to this problem is from the combined sanitary and storm sewer system for Oakland and Macomb Counties.

Why is Lake St Clair so blue?

Clair in recent weeks – the water is turning blue. The drought conditions of the past three months have meant no polluted sewage-system overflows into the lake, which turn the waterfront a murky brown in the spring and summer. As a result, after a series of sewer discharges in March generated by rainstorms, Lake St.

What is the deepest part of Lake St. Clair?

Rough water – St. Clair is one of the busiest lakes around in the summer, and the wind can really get rolling up north.

How deep is the shipping channel in Lake St. Clair?

The dredged channel through Lake St. Clair has a federal project depth of 27.5 feet.

Can you swim in Lake St Clair?

Clair offers many prestine locations with our beautiful clear water to swim. Lake St. Clair has many calm bays where you may water ski & tube with the family along with several transient marinas with a pool.

Can you eat fish from Lake St Clair?

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday issued guidelines for eating fish from Lake St. Clair and the Flint River due to elevated levels of perfluorooctane sulfonates, polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury. Guidelines for Lake St. Muskellunge, mercury, any size, do not eat.

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Does Lake St Clair have a beach?

This 1,000 foot-long sandy beach is the best known and most used of all the beaches on Lake St. Clair. On any given day you will find families, couples and friends enjoying this summer haven.

Where are the dumping grounds in Saginaw Bay?

The dumping ground was located off the Saginaw River, near a major walleye spawning ground, in water so shallow that the loose spoils could be dispersed by wave action.

What are the dumping grounds in Lake Erie?

The toxic sediment located in Lake Erie offshore from Cleveland’s East Side is the historic dumping ground for polluted sediment dredged from the Cuyahoga River shipping channel prior to the Clean Water Act passage in 1972.

Where are the fish biting on Lake St Clair?

Bass fishing is also popular on Lake St. Clair. Both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are very abundant in the lake. Largemouth bass are usually caught along weedlines and in shallow back bays, canals and marinas.

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